The Last Of Us wins five awards including Best Game

Brash Games writes "The winners of tonight’s British Academy Games Awards, which celebrated the very best in games of the past year. The ceremony was hosted by Dara O Briain at Tobacco Dock, London E1. Amongst the winners were The Last of Us which took home five BAFTA awards and Grand Theft Auto V which won three. For a full breakdown on the results see Brash Games".

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Picnic1683d ago

There's no mention of Beyond : Two Souls there. It arguably had the scariest moment in any game of the year. Heavy Rain was a more tense game on the whole though by comparison.

Bioshock Infinite- almost certainly best sound in general.
Some beautiful art design, not best served by no surprises gameplay. The Burial at sea add on set in Rapture is very good.

The Last of Us has such a good multiplayer and Left Behind is a touching story.

LAWSON721683d ago

Beyond Two Souls was scary? I fou d it mysterious at times because of paranormal activity but scary?

Picnic1682d ago

Did you actually go in the garage Lawson? That was the scary part. Going in any small room with Aiden in fact after that was potentially scary.

SolidGear31683d ago

Finally, someone mentions Beyond besides me. Yes, The Last of Us is my all-time favorite game but Beyond is right behind. Everything about is was spectacular. Could've had a bit better story like Heavy Rain had but still a masterpiece.

LAWSON721683d ago

Deserving of many awards though when I see it win innovation awards I facepalm

Thehyph1683d ago

Brothers won it in these awards.

Hellsvacancy1683d ago

Brothers is REALLY good, i'm loving it (thanks ps+)

higgins781683d ago

A very good game (TLOU) but for my money SM3DW should have scooped GOTY 2014, Nintendo again achieving the impossible by crafting a game which can be mentioned in the same breath as any of its predecessors - and what company! I didn't expect Nintendo to do well however since the anti-Nintendo brigade are influencing peoples views of Nintendo.

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