Is Titanfall What People Want as the Face of Video Games?

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''The sheer amount of hype and excitement around Titanfall is intense, really intense, and that produces some interesting questions over what gamers are looking for these days. Titanfall (at least in its beta form) is a slick, multi-layered, multiplayer-only shooter than oozes confidence and quality. The thing is, it’s still a first-person shooter–the genre people tend to level the most criticism at. The question, then: are people still not bored of the genre?''

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Godmars2901682d ago

That is the problem: FPS might be selling, but people are also complaining about them. getting tired of them. At some point that bubble is going to burst and many dev teams wont have a clue how to make anything else.

Meanwhile, again, there's something like Titanfall which over focuses on online multiplayer. Can't be bothered to tell a story or tell it well, just throw out cool sounding facts. Like 98% of all Titan pilot applicants die during training.

What military could possibly even exist if out of a 100 recruits only two survived training?

TheRedButterfly1681d ago

One very similar to Halsey's SPARTAN Program. AKA, the best there ever was.

Godmars2901681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Special armed forces made up of (kidnapped?) children who were genetically modified and possibly tested for "luck".

That versus guys asked to do jet assisted parkour and pilot semi-autonomous robots. Robots able to act on their own.

Unless the robots have to learn how to handle and walk around their pilots I just don't see it happening.

Army_of_Darkness1681d ago

@godmars, stop hating on titanfalls facts bro. We all know that when 2 recruits survive out of every 100, there will always be a huge line up of applicant's just eagerly waiting to die, Er. .I mean try out .... Sounds to realistic if you ask me;-)

Godmars2901681d ago

I know you're joking, but its still asinine to think that mercs and rebels who are either in it for their homes and families or a paycheck is going to risk 98% mortality before even entering the combat zone.

I've already stated how much BS it is that atmospheric FTL and powered armored drop troops are being used in random squad warfare. That sky blotting fleets have to be involved.

Its the same cinematic BS from ME1-3 and all of the FF13 games. There's just cooler crap going on around you than you're actually doing!

Mikefizzled1681d ago

The SPARTAN IV program is incredibly dark especially if you play Halo and was completely unaware of it. Made for a fantastic opening cutscene in Halo 4.

nerdman671681d ago

Are we playing video games for their realism now?
I thought the reason we played them was because they made the impossible possible.
I would recommend Train Simulator.

DragonKnight1681d ago

Pff, screw train simulator.

It's all about Goat Simulator now.

dcj05241681d ago

Do people realize that games don't have a face. Just like movies or music there is a WIDE diverse variety.

darx1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Exactly...a game is a game.

Brim1681d ago

Couldn't agree more people just are gonna run Titanfall in the hole with good or bad articles..

GamerEuphoria1681d ago

Errr John Cena is the face of the WWE, take up your issue with him.

Hicken1681d ago

There used to be faces. Mario was the face of gaming. And before him, the Pac Meister.

Granted, there are far too many icons for such a thing to work these days, and I don't think it's necessary. But I also don't think, if we needed a face of gaming, that Titanfall would be the best option.

MysticStrummer1681d ago

The "face of gaming" probably still applies to some extent. Like it or not, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are probably the faces of gaming because they sell the most and get the most publicity in the non-gaming press. Mario is still well known too, though he doesn't get quite the same level of pub as those other two anymore.

aLucidMind1681d ago

When they say "the face of gaming", they mean that one game everyone thinks of when it comes to video games. Maybe the face of the genre would make more sense, due to the fact that you get a ton of games that are good enough and famous enough to fit that "face of gaming" title.

Godmars2901681d ago

Not when looking at certain aspects of gaming.

Where iOS, handhelds and PSn/XBLA are akin to indie movies and offer the most diversity for game types, when you get to AAA or a big budget movies, it has become first or third person gaming. Usually with shooting and eff-all concerning anything resembling a story.

iceman061681d ago

Good they? I'm not talking about us, those that are entrenched in the industry, but the mass market. Do THEY know? With all of the Flappy Birds buzz, Angry Birds fad, and CoD and GTA getting most of the conversation in references for videogames your question really becomes valid. No knock on any of them whatsoever. But, they don't encapsulate the full experience of videogames.

rainslacker1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

There are many faces of video games. Hicken lists some. Nowadays, to the layman at least, that face would likely be angry birds. Trends come and go. It's always been that way. There are way too many games out there that would be considered the face of gaming long before TF was. Heck, even Halo, Uncharted, GeOW, or any other big popular IP of last gen hasn't received that status...maybe COD or GTA since it gets mainstream media attention.

This is the first time I've seen anyone say that TF could even possibly be a face of video games. Current hype does not denote lasting appeal. It could be a one hit wonder for all we know. Some may choose to forget, but games like Halo, Uncharted, or TLOU got a major amount of hype, perhaps more than TF, yet they aren't the face of gaming today.

To me, despite FPS being extremely over-saturated, I believe that there are just way too many examples of good gaming available to those that game for any one to be considered a defacto "face of gaming".

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Blastoise1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Evolve and Destiny are two FPS' I'm excited for

Ashby_JC1681d ago

Evolve has my interest. Loved l4d series. So looking forward to how they go about making this game fun and intense.

Insomnia_841681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Hell no!! I want more games like Uncharted and The Last Of Us. Good single player and multiplayer with fresh ideas, the whole package! In other words, I WANT GOTYS!!

I don't mind playing shooters if they are fun but I like games that make me feel something special, sad, happy, scared, worried, rewarding, surprised, intrigued, mad, angry, etc. Great stories and experiences win GOTY's, not just generic multiplayer games.

I used to buy COD on day one, not anymore. Now I wait until it drops to $39.99, the game is fun but it's the same thing as always, not worth the $60.

@Fireseed, obviously you've never played The last Of Us. It's not about fps or tps, it's about the whole package! The story, the gameplay, animatons, graphics, everything! Just play the very first 10-15 minutes of TLOU and you will understand.

@TheRedButterfly, I will! I love the Souls series but I was undecided cuz I think they will release a next gen port at some point but I'm going to get it. I decided it last night and that's why I started playing all the games I haven't played from PS+. I started mith DMC:Devil May Cry, after that it will be Puppeteer, Metro Last Night, Bioshock Infinite, and then I will buy Dark Souls 2. It will be the last game I buy for PS3 and then I will sell it.

Fireseed1681d ago

3rd person shooters... fresh ideas... this is how we know we've hit a a rock bottom.

TheRedButterfly1681d ago

Every emotion you're looking for can be found in the Souls games. Grab Dark Souls II if you're tired of shooters.

rainslacker1681d ago

Even with those games you listed, and as good as they were, would you consider them to be considered the face of gaming?

I could see COD or GTA being considered a face due to their high sales, and mainstream media attention, but usually that attention is negative. I doubt TF will illicit that kind of reproach from the mainstream media.

showtimefolks1681d ago

for my money i want single player games to be face of gaming industry. No doubt FPS have their space within gaming but i love single player games

The last of us
Tomb raider
Bioshock series
gears of war
alan wake
spec ops the line
binary domain

Mikefizzled1681d ago

I sincerely hope we will be able to add Quantum Break to that list later this year.

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