The Everlasting Tug-o-War Between Difficulty and Narrative

Hardcore Gamer: The release of Dark Souls II this week reinvigorated the discussion of difficulty’s place in gaming and whether your typical game in 2014 is too easy or not. With the game market bigger and more varied than ever, we’re seeing plenty of new properties, some like Dark Souls that embrace a harder, sharper edge to difficulty, and others that keep gaming difficulty toned down for a less stressful effect. These two opposite polarities are able to coexist in today’s gaming world, but have you ever considered why? Why are we seeing both an embrace and deference of crushing difficulty in our games, and even more curious, why are both types of games getting such praise from the community?

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ValKilmer1682d ago

I don't care what anybody says, Dark Souls is too hard.

Grave1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

It's all subjective. There are people who say Dark Souls is insanely easy. I happen to think the challenge and reward are perfectly balanced.

Dark Souls requires you to work hard, learn, and explore ALL options that are available to you. If the game is "too hard" or "impossible" you are doing something wrong or you missed something the game has shown you already.

fenome1682d ago

It's called gameplay, and this is what this game is, take it or leave it..