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Night is a lovely time. It's great for resting, stargazing, hanging around in front of the campfire, mentally unwinding from the day, and of course packing in several hours of sleep. Night kind of loses its charm, however, when it's an entire world resting on the edge of its metaphorical day, trying to avert a long dark rest for civilization with all the resources at its disposal. Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky is the second game set in the world of dusk, where a loose but friendly collection of cities and villages use all the alchemy they can muster to preserve the cultural daylight while exploring the ruins of a more advanced world. That may sound like a desperate situation, but it's actually set in a lovely and charming world that's as inviting as any in the Atelier series.

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ValKilmer1679d ago

It's sad how niche this series has become. I remember when it was the talk of the town.

rextraordinaire1679d ago

Why sad?

Gust's doing pretty well with Atelier. It doesn't have millions of fans, but the market for Atelier exists and is loyal. Loyal. This is something not every series can be proud of (Hello, Final Fantasy...).

Hicken1679d ago

As big a JRPG fan as I am, I don't recall such a time. In fact, based on sales, the franchise is larger than it's ever been. It just so happens that, like every other franchise in the genre, it's been overshadowed by FPS games.

Still, the games are pretty good, and are doing well. Although, it's definitely true that, at least with the Arland trilogy, they did pander to the stereotypical otaku a bit.

izumo_lee1679d ago

With the majority of the Atelier series it catered to its fans the hardcore ones that has been with the series since it began. The Arland series is the very definition of Atelier fans being very hardcore with its time management & gameplay.

With the Dust series Gust took a step forward into making the franchise a little more accessible to new players. Ayesha's time management was very manageable & its gameplay was easier to get into. With what i hear with Esha & Logy the series has taken even more a accessible approach.

So far according to reviewers the changes from hardcore to a more easier approachable game has proven a welcome change. I really enjoyed Ayesha & if Tecmo Koei handled it better it would've been more successful. It looks like with this game Tecmo Koei is giving the series better respect that it deserves cause it is a very good JRPG series.

rextraordinaire1679d ago

Yeah I'm playing it wight now (Escha and Logy), and it's really, really good. Better than Ayesha I'd say.