Adam Boyes on Parity Clause

Adam Boyes does the funny again on the parity clause between platforms.

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SpringHeeledJack1685d ago

Someone buy microsoft some grapes and a book. Every time they seem to be recovering Sony sends them straight bk to hospital.

Mr Pumblechook1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Well done Boyes. Aaron Greenburg and Major Nelson like to pretend that Microsoft are the victim of Sony 'jibes.' But this ain't a jibe, it is a clear declaration of their fair to developers policy. Clear, straightforward, no BS.

Earlier this week Microsoft said they only apply their parity clause to some (less important to them) developers. Microsoft say they've listened, that they've changed - they haven't changed.

OrangePowerz1685d ago

It's only MS loss to have the parity clause. Some indie developers simply don't have the manpower to develop for several platforms at the same time and can't afford to release later just to also release on the Xbox.

JoGam1685d ago

Wow. Didn't know that was MS practice.

GarrusVakarian1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Sometimes i scratch my head and wonder why MS pull such continuous dumb moves like this, seriously, it's like they actually want people to view them negatively. Why can't they just have Sony's attitude/stance and let indie devs do whatever the hell they want? Surely the most important thing is getting fun inide games on your console, not whining and acting like spoiled brats....basically, they're saying "if you don't launch on the X1 first or at the same time as the PS4, you can't launch on the X1 at all, take that!".

Alienating and restricting indie devs, really? You aren't helping yourselves here, MS.

fr0sty1685d ago

Cutting off their nose to spite their face, as they say.

MightyNoX1685d ago

It's arrogance brought on by misconceived notion of their platforms superiority.

On-topic: this was brilliant. *dead*

Volkama1685d ago

I think it should just be "release whenever you want! But if you want free dev kits and unity licenses..."

People forget what a valuable proposition the package is. And at the end if it the indie get to sell the game too! Parity clause isn't a great hardship IMO.

OrangePowerz1685d ago


If you have a team that consists of a handful of people and started developing for another platform first and need to get some money it is or if you plan you have the choice of doing mobile, PC, WiiU or PS in whatever order you want or can. The other choice is being forced to have the Xbox version done first if you want to release on all because Nintendo and Sony don't have that stupid clause the just want the games on their system and don't care if it comes first out on their system or not.

The stance MS has is that the devs need the Xbox and not that the Xbox needs the games just because they are smaller and bring in less money directly for MS.

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DanielGearSolid1685d ago

Its funny, but I don't like it

Stay classy, dont get all Aaron Greenburg on us

fr0sty1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

He remained classy. He just stated a point and left it at that. He didn't say anything was better or worse than anything else. He didn't lie, spin, or stretch the truth. Just revealed their policy in a rather funny way.

theshonen88991685d ago

He pointed out a horrible practice of pigeonholing indie's into only developing for one platform. IMO, this is classy.

DigitalAnalog1684d ago

LOL Aaron Greenburg, as if he has presented anything to benefit the indie developers as this.

Lowsnamebrand1685d ago

Not gonna lie that was almost as funny as readying misterx blog

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