WildStar Could Have What it Takes to Hook an MMO Neophyte | Hardcore Gamer

Not only is it as hardcore an MMO as they come, but it’s based on a 15-dollar-a-month subscription service when most of the world has gone free-to-play. Yet it might be the game for those who have resisted the genre thus far.

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ValKilmer1706d ago

Ugh it looks good, but who in their right mind would still pay a monthly subscription fee to play a game?

tsn1705d ago

Subscription is by far the best way for an MMO.

F2P with micro transactions are never fair and they always have pay to win.

g-0ff1706d ago

One of the only MMOs in ages that's really interested me. It seems like there's a lot of endgame content so hopefully this won't turn out like SWTOR.

il-JumperMT1705d ago


Wildstar = NCSoft = Bot Paradise.

g-0ff1703d ago

They've got systems in place to prevent botting. For instance, mining nodes have a 1 in 10 chance of getting up and running away from you, and a 1 in 50 (or so) chance of turning into a giant rock worm and destroying your shit.

Muadiib1705d ago

Absolutely loving the beta so far, more than worth the sub for me, it's the best mmo I've played anyway.