Why inFamous Second Son’s Soundtrack Will Be Amazing

Made possible due to the amazing collaboration between not two but three talented composers, the returning Brain, Marc Canham and… (Drumroll Please) Nathan Johnson, the soundtrack to inFamous: Second Son looks to be absolutely promising. If you listen to the samples at sumthing’s website, you can see how unique each artist’s style is. In my opinion, this will keep the track really varied and enjoyable, even on a stand-alone level. However, lets delve into what makes the soundtrack really promising, the talent behind it.

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GiantEnemyCrab1681d ago

The first game with the soundtrack by Anton Tobin is still the best. #2 didn't come close to what I felt with the music in the first.

S2Killinit1681d ago

It does help that Sony owns music studios

eaze20131681d ago

Completely does,doesn't it?