Battlefield 4 Server rentals Coming to PS4 Sooner than we thought, pricing shows up on the PS Store

Last week, A battlelog manager has confirmed that rentals servers for consoles coming soon, Today a new evidence surfaced suggesting that the server rentals Coming to PS4 and PS3 Sooner than we thought.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1684d ago

and then you have games like Socom back in the day where you can just go in any server and make your own private or public room free. why is EA charging for this?

I'm Sure H-Hour will be same as Socom so don't waste your money with EA

Bigpappy1684d ago

Because Sony does not supplying the severs and EA has to lease them (maybe from Amazon or M$). I you want to play these high resolution game online with solid frame rate, you need dedicated servers. It is almost standard on X1 now and I suspect more so in the future.

Kayant1684d ago

"I you want to play these high resolution game online with solid frame rate, you need dedicated servers" - What? looool how does network lag equate to game performance? That's like saying a Intel HD4000 will play a MP game at 1080p 60fps because of *dedicated servers*. Hardware requirements and network performance go hand in hand. If that was the case why is TF not 1080p on XB1 with it's Azure servers.

"It is almost standard on X1 now and I suspect more so in the future." - It's hardly near a standard yet when only two games use it so far. TF and Forza 5. BF uses EA servers on all platforms like COD:G uses their hybrid solution on all platforms etc.

Evilsnuggle1684d ago

where do I start First no games on x1 has dedicated servers at launch but forza 5. Now just Titanfall and forza5 have dedicated servers correct me if I'm wrong

Number 2 PlayStation 4 has access to a large amount of dedicated server also.
Sony Has signed a deal with rackspace one of the world’s foremost technology leaders and largest cloud computing networks. Rackspace provides cloud computing service for NASA and many multi billion dollar companies.

The ‘power of the cloud’ has been quoted numerous times by both Microsoft and Sony as we get closer to the launch of the Xbox One and PS4. Much of the debate has focused on Microsoft’s assertion that the cloud will make the Xbox One noticeably more powerful, but many have disputed it, while Sony has said that it is possible, but limited. Meanwhile, other important cloud features include Microsoft’s cheap dedicated servers for developers – which we want on PS4 – cloud saves, and, of course, Sony’s Gaikai cloud game streaming.

So, as you can see, ‘the cloud’ will be very important next gen, which is why today’s news that PSLS has uncovered is so interesting.

Rackspace – the open cloud company that recently announced plans to partner with CERN on cloud computing – will be helping Sony out with their PlayStation cloud plans.

Lanham Napier, CEO of Rackspace, said in an earnings call (transcribed by SeekingAlpha) that Sony is now an “enterprise customer” for the company, continuing:
"Sony PlayStation recently signed a services agreement with Rackspace, under which our developers and architects will be consulting and supporting the PlayStation team with their OpenStack private cloud deployment."

Elsewhere he said:
"We are the Founder and a key leader of the OpenStack cloud ecosystem, and we are the leader in providing OpenStack-based private clouds."

OpenStack is a cloud computing project to “provide an infrastructure as a service”, jointly created by Rackspace and NASA, with it’s website saying:
"OpenStack is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds. The project aims to deliver solutions for all types of clouds by being simple to implement, massively scalable, and feature rich."

Majin-vegeta1683d ago

OMFG clam it fanboy.Sony has been using dedi servers sincevlast gen.You dont think MAG could run on P2P.You act like MS is the first one to use them.

ZodTheRipper1684d ago

Finally but too expensive for my taste ...but shouldn't be a problem if you have a group of friends who play regularly. Can't wait for endless matches on my favourite maps :)

Matt6661683d ago

I can't stand custom servers you get idiots making servers with one or two maps and with max tickets how boring

JoGam1684d ago

Renting a server isn't new. In fact BF3 had the options to rent servers too. I rented one for a week. The only problem playing in rented servers is the admin can kick u out at anytime. I got kicked just for owning the admin. It would be hilarious but annoying at the same time.

KwietStorm1683d ago

Yea. Happened way too often. Matter of fact, an admin kicked me out one time when I was in his own squad, just because I questioned his silly ass rules. Apparently it was unfair for a Recon to use a PS4. lol these people are ridiculous.

skoorydook1683d ago

Not only that I was on a match on Sienne Crossing and the admin guy set rules of no camping and no shotguns.

Within 10 minutes in the game I was killed by the admin guy camping in the bushes with a shotgun

swishersweets200311684d ago

Please boycott this until they resolve the games issues. Do not throw money at them.

JoGam1684d ago

Agreed and thanks for posting that. Bubbles.

bobtheimpaler1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I haven't even bought the game. The Beta was more of BF3 with some slight tweaks, but with even more problems. Amazed people are still having issues. Never going to pick up BF4 at this rate.

Good-Smurf1683d ago

While its indirect competitor gets new maps for free and making your own game for free.
And with BF4 still unable to solve its problems since launch yeah EA and DICE really scared new customers away from them.
BF3 crashed EVERYDAY while Killzone Shadow Fall? Zero.
I can't imagine how much worse BF4...they released a dozen of patches in few months that really worries me.
I really want to play it but when the game still loves to crash then forget it I'll wait for Premium Edition.

KwietStorm1683d ago

Hasn't crashed for me in probably 2 months. Still has bugs, but it hasn't crashed.

Soldierone1683d ago

Just like BF3, options to give them more money show up before them fixing the game.....

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