Titanfall: Attack of the droids

Robots make everything better - especially when they're six metres tall, nuclear-powered and armed with the kind of weaponry that can bring down small buildings.

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sickamore1679d ago

Droid be gone such a waste of time having those thing in the game.

lelo1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

"Titanfall: Attack of the droids"

LOL. That title has a double meaning.

As for Titanfall, I'll be playing it soon, when released. From what I've seen so far, looks great.

Septic1679d ago

Haha brilliant.

Yeah I can't wait. Went to a launch event yesterday (was kinda rubbish) and got to sample a few of the different maps. Good fun.

p0tat0stix1679d ago

I hope they do a good job on the porting. Unfortunately I'm the only one so far in my group of friends that spilled out the cash for the XB1 so I'll be purchasing the 360 version as well.

Can't beat playing with friends, just hope they like it on the 360 as much as I do on the 1!

1679d ago