Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - All Maps Layouts Leaked

A couple days ago, Naval Strike 's Assignments, Dogtags and Awards has been leaked, and today the maps layouts.

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Sheikah1733d ago

Lost islands is gonna have so many dino easter-eggs...

On topic though, they looks interesting. Easy maps to make though.. 70% ocean, 30% landmass. Expansion finished ;)

shaft01401733d ago

I'm hoping they won't forget about Levolution in these like they did with China Rising.

Even if it's just the rain-gimmick like in Parcel Storm, I'd dig it.

Onehandband1t1733d ago

In Naval Strike we have been focusing on how the player can interact within the levels to create and block paths for vehicles, or make other strategic use of the environments. For example, you will be able to close flood doors to stop vehicles from entering a submarine base and capturing the objective inside. You can also blow up part of a crashed airplane to create new cover for infantry.

As for storms, instead of copying what has already been done in Paracel Storm, you can expect different visual styles and weather on all four Naval Strike maps. There’ll be calm seas, stormy weather and many other weather effects. For instance, on the Mortar Strike map, you’ll start fighting at dawn and the map will be lit up by the resort lights. As the fight rages on, the sunrise will drench the tropical island in beautiful sunlight.

game_infected1733d ago

looks like paracel storm. urban maps are better

Mr7Beans1733d ago

I agree about the urban maps but they're coming in the next DLC so no worries.

Major_Glitch1733d ago

Is this game still broken on the PS4? I'm trying to decide between KZ, COD, or BF4 for the PS4, or if I should just get TF for the 360. Any intelligent feedback would be appreciated.

Becuzisaid1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

No not broken anymore but occasionally laggy and still suffers from some rubber banding. Nothing like it was though.

As for the other games I found bf4 multiplayer more fun than killzone. Never played Ghosts but it's all just the same as any COD. And never played Titanfall but it just looks sweet (not sure about on 360 though).

Hope that helps.

Detoxx1733d ago

BF4 on PS4 is the best multiplayer experience.

malokevi1733d ago

No competition. BF4 chews up COD and spits it at KZ.

OrangePowerz1733d ago

Operation Mortar looks like one half of the Resident Evil 6 logo.