Titanfall - Drop a Titan on it | DualShockers Review

DualShockers' Jorge Jimenez gives his thoughts on the most anticipated shooter on the Xbox One, Titanfall.

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bunt-custardly1778d ago

A glowing score for a game that overall is sitting well with gamers across the board.

To battle!

TheWackyMan1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

The people giving you disagrees, don't like fun.

DC7771778d ago

I guess they dont or they dont have it.

This game is awesome. Best CTF matches since Halo.

DC7771778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )


Summons751778d ago

or it could me we like games that don't treat us like newborns and like a challenge.

More bots than humans to make it easier, guns that you don't even need to aim in order to get a kill, and casual cod gameplay which was way too simple and unbalanced.

marc 19751778d ago

their well jell ps4 owners ... god they need to get a grip

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1778d ago

@marc I'm mainly a PlayStation gamer but I'm definitely getting a Xbox One in a few months (May or June) because Xbox One many awesome games I want to play. I'm a huge Halo fan since I grew up on it (Got Halo CE when I was 5) and Halo 2 anniversary and possibly Halo 5 are coming out. Plus Quantum Break looks amazing and Sunset overdrive looks fun.

No1up1778d ago

It's a fantastic game. Love wall hang.

ZombieKiller1778d ago

Holy shite there's a wall hang?! Jealous PS4 owner over here! That actually sounds awesome. I don't have an xbox one so I'll pick it up on March 25th.

I'll be using that wall hang for sure. Sit there and scope the action from the freaking wall.

I swear it's the little things sometimes. Glad to hear you guys are enjoying it too.

Lawboy21778d ago

Love wall bouncing with the strider....with dash core

JonnyBigBoss1778d ago

I can't wait to finish my homework so I can play.

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