Roundtable: What Makes a Game "Next Gen" to You?

The VGU staff discuss the term next gen and what it means to them.

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Meltic1684d ago

1: Good Life real story
2: Good sence of play
3: Graphics
4: length of the game
5: Gore

JOEgolferG1684d ago

All other last gen's have these except graphics.

TomShoe1684d ago

I consider a title "next-gen" when it's on next-gen titles (PS4/XBO) only. Of course, there are some exceptions (Destiny), but that's what I think, and I don't even own a next-gen console.

ChickeyCantor1683d ago

And that's exactly why artistic creativity is bound to go to hell.

gpturbo811684d ago

i dont care for the term. whatever happened to just having fun with what your playing?

SteamPowered1684d ago

Next Gen is just a buzz word. I don't really take stock in hype.

corvusmd1684d ago

Kinda like SteamPowered's really just a hype word and really means nothing. To me, it just simply means that it's on the newest console. Most want to look to resolution as the argument, but it's never that simple. The new consoles are doing so much more than the old ones and there is so much going on in the background that the other ones can't do. The new consoles really don't get the credit they deserve for the step up they took. 720p on an old console is no where close to everything going on in a 720p game on a new console. At the end of the day, it's really just a marketing word...we are still at the same place where if a game sucks, no matter how shiny it is....if it's good, it's good.

ABizzel11684d ago

An experience that was not capable on the last generation of hardware due to technical limitations.

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The story is too old to be commented.