One Piece: Unlimited World Red Confirmed for North America (PS3/Vita/WiiU/3DS)

One Piece: Unlimited World Red has been officially confirmed for North America

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tayz1684d ago

will be buying this for sure!

3-4-51684d ago

Yea this is the GOOD one.

I pre-ordered the last game for 3DS like 2 months ago thinking it was this game.

realized it wasn't and canceled, but definitely glad this game is headed to NA. I've never played a One Piece game but this one seems much better then the trash that just released.

jonatan2211684d ago


Wish it wasn't digital, but at least we're getting it!

dcj05241684d ago

Nothing wrong with bytes instead of atoms.

Blastoise1684d ago

Europe get physical so you can always import

Region free for the win

jonatan2211683d ago

OOOH, thanks! Bubble for being helpful

Roronoa04111684d ago

Going to get this for vita for sure!! :)

Ninte1684d ago

So it's digital for the wii u?

jonatan2211683d ago

Yup, but it seems like EU gets physical copies!

hongthay1684d ago

I've been waiting for this. Was trying to learn Japanese just in case for this on Vita and Yakuza on PS4.

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