Cliff Bleszinski on Watch Dogs' Visuals; Next-Gen Version Downgraded Due To Old-Gen Version

Watch Dogs’ visuals seems to be a really hot topic in which Cliff Bleszinski decided to publicly pick a side. According to Bleszinski, the next-gen version of Watch Dogs was downgraded due to the fact that the game is shipping on last-gen consoles too.


This is Bleszinski's opinion about the whole Watch Dogs 'downgradeation'. Obviously Cliff doesn't have concrete facts, it's just his opinion.

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MaxwellBuddha1732d ago ShowReplies(3)
Agent_hitman1732d ago

How did you find out cliffy b?.

Anyhow, I guess that both next gen hardware version of Watch dogs were downgraded indeed, at first I thought the controversial clip was captured on Ps3 syatem. I was disappointed.

Gamer19821732d ago

Hes right though the fact devs are still developing on older gen consoles means newer games are getting downgraded look at titanfall for a perfect example.. Well that was held back thanks to a really old engine too but you get my point..

DawnOfDon1732d ago


That is my fear of this generation. When will developers stop developing for the last gen (360/PS3), if they don't we will be seeing a lot of upgraded last gen graphics and nothing spectacular from multiplats, which isn't a big deal but some people do care that they bought a $400/$500 console to play last gen games, which is kinda disappointing

starchild1732d ago

This is a widely held but completely erroneous belief.

Being cross-generation does NOT mean that a game has to look worse than other games that are not cross-generation.

I'd argue that Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is currently one of the very best looking games on the PS4, yet it is a cross-generation game. And I've heard many people who feel that way.

Being only on next gen platforms doesn't suddenly make a game have superior graphics. Knack, for example, looks a hell of a lot worse than Assassin's Creed 4. In fact, Assassin's Creed 4 is also one of the best looking games on the PS4.

Do people really think that games like Killzone Shadow Fall or Infamous Second Son couldn't be done on the PS3? Sure they could. There is nothing in terms of the mechanics of those games that couldn't be done on the PS3. They simply have things like better textures, better lighting, new effects, higher quality effects, higher resolutions and more geometric detail. But you could easily remove or reduce the quality of those graphical elements and those games WOULD run on a PS3.

Cross-generation games like Tomb Raider or Watch Dogs are no different. The next gen versions have things like new effects, higher quality textures, more geometric detail, higher quality texture filtering, higher resolutions, higher fidelity effects, more NPCs, more advanced physics and so on.

Almost every aspect of a game can be scaled down to run on weaker hardware. If a cross-generation game is properly made there is no reason it can't be every bit as good as games with no last gen counterparts.

Irishguy951732d ago

Shhh starchild, nobody wants to hear how it really works

LexHazard791732d ago


You made some good points. But I still think concentrating on next gen only will make for better games. Your not spreading your team thin trying to optimize game for multiple machines. I think once you see devs go strictly next gen that game performance and graphics will be better!

thorstein1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

He is? Did he work on this game? Did you? Who was on the development team? Where is the evidence that this game has been downgraded?

Do you have any? Or is it still speculation and rumour passed off as "News."?

deno1732d ago

You make a fair point but the install base on ps4/xbox one is squat compared to ps3/xbox 360. Most likely the game started on ps3/xbox 360 anyway then moved to xbox one/ps4. I agree though, they should have concentrated on last gen or next gen platforms.

thorstein1732d ago

So I just tweeted him and he confirmed that it is a rumor.

GamingNerd0131731d ago

Agreed I luv my PS3 and 4 but it's a little sickening that none of the ps4 games r true next gen looking games except 4 KZSF others r pretty but clearly not true next gen. Only reason I have my PS3 still is cause they r still tons of PS3 exclusives or games that r only on PS3 and 360 that r still coming out 4 it like KH2.5 remix HD tales of xillia 2 persona 5 dark souls 2 tales of zestiria tales of symphonia and I'm sure more that I don't know of right now.

BLuTheSecond1731d ago


"Hes right though the fact devs are still developing on older gen consoles means newer games are getting downgraded look at titanfall for a perfect example.. Well that was held back thanks to a really old engine too but you get my point..

That's a bad example. Titanfall was originally being developed for the PS3 and Xbox 360(which is why there still a 360 version coming out). Respawn chose the Source Engine because it has the best net code out of any engine. The next gen consoles weren't even announced nor were there any dev kits available for them when Titanfall began production. It wasn't until Microsoft went to them with the exclusivity deal that switched development focus to the One.

So no, Titanfall was not "downgraded" because of old tech. It was upgraded.

starchild1731d ago


I agree with you that being exclusively on the new consoles and PC will TEND to result in better looking games, I was only pointing out that it doesn't automatically mean a cross-gen game will look inferior or a purely next gen game will look superior.

If that were true there would be no amazing looking PC games since they can all scale down to be played on weaker PCs.

I firmly believe that a well made cross-generation title can look amazingly "next gen" on the stronger platforms (PC, PS4, XB1) at the same time offering a scaled down but still solid experience on the last gen consoles.

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Lukejrl1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

We had games come out for original Xbox and xbox360 for quite a few months after 360 release. King kong is an example and splinter cell another. It will be fine the game game was probably beginning development before xbone was concrete and they decided to port the stuff over. By July last gen games will not be synchronous with our new gen, e3 will put a stop to it.

BitbyDeath1732d ago

Unless Ubi can turn this game around then I think i'll skip it.
Delaying the game to downgrade the graphics is crazy.

DawnOfDon1732d ago

So, you won't be buying a game because they downgraded the graphics? That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. If they made gameplay changes and made it smoother and more real feeling what is the problem?

BitbyDeath1732d ago

Not because they downgraded the graphics but because they physically had to push the release date back in order to downgrade the graphics.

How do you not see the problem there?

king_george1732d ago

Graphics are important tho. People like to pretend like they arent but the truth is they are what most people buy next gen consoles for. I can see why BitbyDeath is a little upset by the downgrade

fredy1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

They just showed us what's really possible on the best hardware.

DawnOfDon1732d ago

Do you serious think they delayed it to downgrade the graphics? No they didn't, They wanted to polish the gameplay and online experience, instead of adding on later like GTA V.

BitbyDeath1732d ago

But they did use that time to downgrade the graphics, if it had released at the scheduled time it would look like last E3's trailers.

starchild1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )


Wow, some of you guys are truly clueless and delusional.

Do you really think it looked better and ran at a solid frame-rate on the PS4 but they suddenly decided to downgrade the graphics just for the hell of it? Do you really think they would put in all the work to make it look that good only to purposely downgrade the graphics?

No, that's absurd. Every developer wants their game to look as best as it can.

Watch Dogs hasn't been downgraded. At least not since the PS4 footage from last year. There was a documented downgrade from the E3 2012 demo to the 2013 PS4 footage, but that isn't surprising since the E3 2012 footage was running on a high end PC.

solid_snake36561732d ago

@DawnofDon lol I guess they polished it too much cuz now it looks like shit

sak5001731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


Well you know they say if you polish too much after a while it becomes limp ;)

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SnotyTheRocket1732d ago

So, the gameplay, story and multiplayer don't mean anything? Only graphics, right? Okay then.

RedDevils1731d ago

all I see is you're whining about graphic, which is the first thing you care about to begin with. If you like the game the gameplay should be the most important thing not how awesome those graphic is, hell If games that are good like those Ps1/ps2 I still come back and play them even to this day. Ever since Gen7 and Gen8 all people care about is graphic but overlook what make you enjoy the actual games

N2NOther1731d ago

They didn't push it back TO downgrade. They wanted to make sure the game was fun. I'm sure trying to get everything to work well on both generations made the visuals suffer in the process.

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mad-dog1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

I think people will be surprised with how well it actually looks when playing on PS4.

People see one horribly compressed GIF that makes the game looks at its worst and suddenly the game looks last gen, or even PS2 quality.

Sure, now people are backtracking.. "but it doesn't look like the reveal in 2012!". No, you said it looks like a PS2 game and you judged the entire game on one ugly ass GIF.

Realisticly, the game will look like the playthroughs in 2013. Some improvements here and there and some small downgrades in other areas.

People will be quite satisfied on PS4 as far as visuals go.
It's a Crossgen crossplatform openworld game. It looks good all things considered.

whitefang19881732d ago

Agreed. I've been saying this since I saw that gif, but there is no denying the game could go farther if last gen wasn't holding new gen back.
I'm concerned about games like destiny and dragon age for the same reasons. CD project red came out saying it true that if they made witcher 3 on last gen they would have to compromise so much on it it wouldn't even be the same game. So how can dragon age do that and expect different? :-\

I think if devs decide to get their monies worth they should have a separate dev team like titan fall did to work on the last gen.

christrules00411732d ago

The thing is people freak out. But they don't work at Ubisoft or know what is going on behind the scenes. Until we see the final product or a gameplay video 1080p that is stated it's from one of the next gen consoles. People freaking out over something they don't even know about.

What trailer back a while ago did people freak out. When they made Iesha into a character and put her in a trailer. It looked like a ps2 game and people where freaking out.

grassyknoll1732d ago

It wasn't downgraded, because the original demo was fake. Hate this about the games industry, imagine of the film industry pulled these kind of stunts.

NarooN1732d ago

Ubisoft has a history of displaying fake trailers at E3 and other press events. I dunno why everyone was shocked when the "downgrade" (a.k.a. actual version) was shown off.

Meltic1732d ago

Yeah first WD now infamous ?. Have you seen the pics in infamous now and e3. Still looks GOOD but e3 looked abit better in the cinematic scene

grassyknoll1732d ago

Infamous hasn't changed at all!