Daylight Interview: Developing the Next Big Nightmare for PS4 And PC

"Daylight isn't your typical survival horror game. Considering that it comes from the makers of the Saw franchise, you'd think it'd deal with the typical blood, gore and torture. But Zombie Studios takes a more psychological approach. You can't fight back. The game is completely randomized in its level layout each time, so you have no clue what to expect around each and every corner. Did we mention there are freaky ghosts around trying to get you?"

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WeAreLegion1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I may be in the minority on this one, but I freakin' loved the Saw games. The voice acting needed some work, but the horror and puzzle elements were very well done!

Also, if you haven't tried OnSlaught mode on Blacklight: Retribution yet, please do. So much fun!

From the article: "That truly depends on the player, but we estimate that each playthrough could be 30-40 minutes. Since the player is unable to memorize where they have already been."

Wait. I thought this was a full retail release. I'm incredibly excited for it, but it's that short? Procedural generation is great, but you can't fit much story into 30-40 minutes. :/

Rip-Ridah1684d ago

I was wondering the same thing about the length of the walkthrough. I imagine that it is a mistype. I at least hope so. Can anyone confirm or deny?

da1writer1684d ago

The story isn't told in one play through, each time you play a little more of the Story is told.

This is a downloadable title for $15.

More info here from the PlayStation Forums:

Meltic1684d ago

Man what happend to dying light?. Saw gameplay footage and the graphic looked inzane...

da1writer1684d ago

This article is about daylight, a $15 downloadable horror title. The game you're thinking about is this-

Meltic1684d ago

yeah that one. Damn almost same name hehe. Cant wait for that open World zombie game