Why EA Shouldn’t be Voted ‘Worst Company in America’ Again

A look at why, despite all EA has done, it doesn't deserve to be voted the Worst Company in America for a third year.

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TheJacksonRGN1776d ago

People need to grow up and realize there are far worst companies out there. They are only concerned with companies that wrong them.

tanookisuit1776d ago

I would have nominated Digital Rivers Inc. Those m'fers.

Mr Pumblechook1776d ago

If they had made a decision not based on moneyhats and PRO-DRM policies, but on what has the most powerful hardware then gamers could have played THAT game on console in 1080p!

Team_Litt1776d ago

1080i maybe. @50 fps. So no real need.

pompombrum1776d ago

Nobody voting for them actually think they are the WORST company in America. They vote for them because it's the only thing they can do outside of voting with their wallets. It will get EA a lot of bad press and once again bring to the attention of the mass public what they are like.

joab7771776d ago

It is funny to me that ppl will vote for them and then buy all their games.

And it was Activision that ran west and Zampella out...thus paving the way for Titanfall.

No game company is the worst company in the US. Id vote for the US government (and if u say they arent a company...include the Federal Reserve. They r a company with no oversight and they control our economy).

paradigmfellow1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I wonder why people do not pick Monsanto or Halliburton. People need to start thinking more about how the world is interconnected.

Thirty3Three1776d ago

Right! Like Nexon America!

Anyone who knows or plays MapleStory understands that NA is FAR worse than EA. Just saying... They have a support "ticket" system, and they never answer the tickets, they ban players who did nothing wrong, and just "forget about it"... They patch their games and do maintenance every 2 days... they're so much worse.

Thirty3Three1776d ago

I think people just disagree on this site for the hell of it... Don't disagree without research, kid.

TheGrimReaper00111776d ago

" They are only concerned with companies that wrong them. "

Bravo, mister obvious!

ABizzel11776d ago


I agree it's flatout stupid to put a Video game company as the Worse in America, unless it's treating it's employees like crap with no benefits, low salary, long work hours, low vacation time / sick leave, etc...

Now if they're doing all that to their employees, plus having crappy servers and games then yes they should make a list, but there are companies that are destroying our environment/ecosystem, destroying our economy, and destroying or job availability, for the sake of monopolies or cashing in profits for shareholders and top management, those are the companies that need to be on these list and called out.

Now if it was a worse video game company in America EA is easily top 3.

HomerDog1776d ago

they are just mad that a certain game didn't come out on a certain console

SilentNegotiator1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

What's your explanation for the previous two years of them being voted, try-hard fanboy?

HomerDog1775d ago

their games are buggy but are some of the best games out there. there's other worse companies out there. and no I'm no fanboy it just seems funny how this comes out after titanfall

SilentNegotiator1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

It says a lot about modern society that an ENTERTAINMENT company could win worst company twice in a row and be in line for a third, when we have oil companies corrupting governments for tax breaks they don't need, not taking simple safety precautions, and price gouging.

As well as retailers that pay their employees almost nothing with record profits and fill their storage with cheap garbage that they encourage people to create in foreign countries. Not to mention banks...

But NAH! It's an entertainment company that REALLY needs to be sent a message!

mydyingparadiselost1776d ago

Just shows how far up it's own A$$ this country really is...

SilentNegotiator1776d ago

It's an internet poll, so even if it was just meant for Americans, it's the whole 1st world.

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Eonjay1776d ago

I was a little taken aback by this article. Apparently "It should be 'Most Hated' not 'Worst'."

...Yeah that's not much better...

SpiralTear1776d ago

Considering that EA is a company whose goal is to publish products for consumers, "Most Hated" and "Worst" are essentially the same in this particular case.

DanManDantheMan1776d ago

People need to realize that people don't actually think EA is the worst company in America. It's just a title that's supposed to make EA wake up.

Ducky1776d ago

Doesn't seem to be working.
If anything, EA's been making more bad moves in the last two years.

famoussasjohn1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

They continue to shoot themselves in the foot even after their whole "We can do better" campaign last year.

They have yet to do better by any means since they made that announcement last year.

They even show in their responses that they try to prove their customers wrong and don't accept they do anything wrong.

I wouldn't say worst company in America, but in terms of games and how they treat their customers, they're up there. They need to start accepting their mistakes and doing more for the consumer instead of trying to refute what we call out of them and just accept their faults. DICE's image was hurt by making them release it early. How many patches are they up to now? Last I recall, they were up to 20 patches by December and it still wasn't operating properly then. They hurt the SimCity devs image as well with their always online nonsense and had the balls to say it wasn't DRM, yet you couldn't do anything offline until they recently released a patch to offer offline support.

Origins now "Great Game Guarantee" was probably one of the best options they brought last year, I do hope many people utilized that with the BF4 debacle.

Fireseed1776d ago

Sure kid...

More than Nestle taking your right to drinking water...
Or more than Pfizer charging disgusting amounts for medicine...
And even any food corporation for putting harmful chemicals in food...

Yeah EA charging you for an online pass is CLEARLY the worst.

Activemessiah1776d ago

"Yeah EA charging you for an online pass is CLEARLY the worst."

Thank you for agreeing with me. :)

Cerbus1776d ago

It's funny when the children call others kids.

Blachek1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

It's a popularity contest.

For every Monsanto, Pfizer, Phillip Morris, Walmart, and McDonalds... there is 1 Electronic Arts.

You can poison my food, overcharge me for my medicine, trick my children into smoking cigarettes, create more socio-economic inequality, and tempt me to super size it... but the moment you effect my free time... I won't forget it.


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