Seattletimes : PS3 is nifty, but it's a bit too pricey

From Seattletimes: "After spending time with Sony's new PlayStation 3 game console last week, I understand why Microsoft's Xbox team has been strutting lately.

Don't get me wrong. The PS3 is an amazing machine. I'd love to have one sitting beneath my TV. But not for $500 or $600. That's just too expensive for a game console, even one that incorporates a bleeding-edge Blu-ray disc player."

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videl4446d ago

i dont understand why 500$ is expensive for a ps3 and 400$ is not expensive for a crapbox ? if you have not enough money than dont buy one, they are enough ppl who want one.

ACE4446d ago

the ps2.1 is a waist of monney :) .

add a handle to the top and its a toaster :) .

the only thing crap is this over hyped door wedge called the fony station 3