Titanfall: Two Campaigns, A Thousand Stories

TSA writes: "Many games have tried to shake up the multiplayer shooter formula in recent years. With online play becoming more and more commonplace, games have had to evolve away from the Call of Duty template to create new and innovative experiences."

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whybag1679d ago

"You’ll play these matches on their own in Classic mode, but by selecting Campaign mode you’ll open up something entirely new, which hasn’t really worked in multiplayer before. Your objectives are standard for a multiplayer game – hold back the enemies or capture points on the map – but there’s reason for these now, and you’ll often find your superiors explaining what you need to do, giving you further reason to actually play the game properly."

That's not what most reviews say, and from most of the Campaign streams I've watched, the story is totally divorced from what is happening in your match. One video had the streamer winning by over 100 points, but that was apparently bad, because a guy on their team overloaded the reactor in order to keep it from being taken. I think. Putting these drawn out, emotional dialogue boxes in the middle of frenetic shooting action means most of it gets skipped in favor of, you know, shooting people.