Muted launch for PS3 in Japan

Allocation by lottery and low unit shipments lead to modest launch

The PS3 launch is likely to remain Japan's most unusual for many moons to come. The man on the street expected Sony to put its considerable marketing clout in full motion months ago, but the first PlayStation 3 commercial arrived only few days before the launch. No ads could be seen in the streets of Tokyo to inform the public that the launch of a new PlayStation console was imminent. In contrast, Wii is everywhere, but it's also true that Nintendo has to explain what it is about to introduce to market. So on Friday November 10, the day before PS3's launch, the absence of queues in Tokyo came as no shock. Just a surprise.

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Mr Murda4454d ago

I would have at least guessed that there would be a big "to do" in the land of the rising sun.

BTW.....FIRST! (oldie but a goodie)

USMChardcharger4454d ago

it sounds like the launch was very complicated.

anyway the last paragraph indicates some b/c problems as well as online problems.

if i was getting a ps3 (i won't) i would wait until things are better known and all the problems are ironed out...which will happen...eventually.