Super Smash Bros. Melee is Confirmed For EVO 2014

GaminRealm: "Great news for Smash fans everywhere: EVO has announced that Super Smash Bros. Melee is officially joining the EVO 2014 lineup! Previously, a spot was reserved for the game while the EVO team was in talks with Nintendo about Melee making an appearance, and now the game has been officially confirmed for the major FGC event."

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EliteGameKnight1771d ago

Here's hoping that the new Smash Bros will be as great as Melee was

ThichQuangDuck1771d ago

Melee was my favorite so we can only hope. I do not like a lot of the new changes in Brawl including the finishers,but it is what it is since they can be turned off. Overall balancing and game play Melee shines and it is not just nostalgia

calvincrack1771d ago

Nintendo should rerelease Melee in HD with new maps and characters. They should just continue building on that particular code

SpiralTear1771d ago

I was worried that after the past events this wouldn't fly. Good to see it on board this year.

Ac7iVe1771d ago

I'm gonna sign up for EVO this year