Unofficial Xbox One Controller PC Driver Version 1.0 Released

Bad news: Microsoft has not provided any official PC drivers for the Xbox One controller. Amazing news: Lucas Assis has released an unofficial driver that can be downloaded right here, right now.

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porkChop1733d ago

Uh, I thought Microsoft said the Xbox One controller would be compatible with PC on release? Pretty much every PC game supports the 360 controller, and it's the most popular PC gamepad, so that's a huge missed opportunity.

kiz26941733d ago

Yeah its quite strange. With the huge support of the x360 gamepad, its odd that they cut support for the Xbones controller, but maybe as there no huge difference between the two, it seemed a bit redundant. At the moment the DS4 is easier to get running on PC than the X1 controller.

ZeroX98761733d ago

PLUS you can easily find an XInput driver for the DS4, so every mapping in steam goes directly to the DS4 instead of the 360 controller.

I'm sure MS will give PC support in a while, they're just focusing on launching the X1 right now.

starchild1733d ago

It's great that people from the community step in where big companies fail to do something. I personally still use the 360 controller or DS4 on my PC, but more options is always better.

likeaboss3021733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

I'm really surprised the haven't developed a driver yet for the PC. It's not like it's difficult.

gamernova1733d ago

As soon as this hits, I'm getting a scuff.