If Titanfall is the Future of Gaming, I Won't Be Playing Much

CCC "Rarely do I get as excited about a new game as I was for this one. After playing the BETA and seeing first hand how amazing this game was I couldn’t wait for it to arrive."

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Neonridr1706d ago

I still play games like Call of Duty and Battlefield for the Single Player campaigns. I don't want games to just be all about multiplayer.

lolCHILLbro1706d ago

This guys an idiot, he said he was waiting forever for Titanfall, so how come he didnt find out there was no singleplayer? its only been advertised as such since day 1, unless they just need a story i guess

Nerdmaster1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

What? It's only multiplayer??

I mean, I was not the least interested in Titanfall so I didn't know anything about it, but as everybody seems to be talking about this game, I thought this was a game that I HAD to play at least once. Knowing that it's only multiplayer just ended the little curiosity I had about the game.

EDIT: I read the article, and I would be pretty pissed if I found out about it only after I bought the game. I think that people who ask "you didn't research everything about the game before buying it?" are missing the point. It's not about "you had to know it", but about "such a big game, that some people say will 'save' the Xbox One, doesn't even have a single player mode".

Titanpete1706d ago

For months respawn said it was only mp. This game its pure fun. Stop complaining. Like cod if you buy cod for the sp its a waste of money same with bf. cod4 sp was good and fun at the same time the team at the time was 2x bigger so they could dedicate more resources on building a bigger game. This is a small team first game they make and for a first game its amazing! Tf all they way. Ghosts will be eating dust for now own.

mewhy321706d ago

I hope that it's not the future of gaming. First off it's just 792p. Next gen titles should NEVER be below 900p. If we wanted 700ish resolutions we could just stay with last gen
Also if multiplayer is going to be the only type of gameplay offered up to paying customers then you should drop the price.

Talidan1706d ago

Agreed. I was curious about the game at first until learning, very quickly, that it was multiplayer-only. I'm not much of a competitive player, so it didn't appeal to me and I will probably never get it.

But I still paid attention and learned early on that it would not be the game for me. Not sure why anyone would think anything different if they're not into multiplayer.

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Charybdis1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

He likes it but just doesn't like annoying players scream to each other when playing a story mode in a game. Its a fair warning to take into consideration when buying a 60$ game.

"Now, not only did I have to complete the missions, but those playing along with me did as well. The more I think about it, the more genius I believe it is.
Why is this a problem for me? Because I rarely want to play multiplayer games. Listening to the players scream at each other is not my kind of escape."

Timesplitter141706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Seriously I'm not a fan of CoD4 clones but what the hell are you doing playing these games in single player? Getting rid of sp campaign in titanfall was a good move. Multiplayer is everything in these games and the campaign is just wasted time, money and effort.

Neonridr1706d ago

lol, call me old fashioned I guess. But after playing through Ghosts, I can see why they would drop the campaign. If that is all the effort they are going to put into them, then they mine as well just drop the SP altogether.

HurtfulTimez1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

some people dont like multiplayer games? simple as, I loved Cod4 for both aspects multiplayer was fun and the single player was amazing it was the first game i bothered to get 1000/1000 gamerscore i loved playing it that much, so please dont generalise your thoughts to be everyone elses.

And tbh if Titanfall had a single player i would more than likely buy it when i decide to get an xbone I dont do multiplayer only games no more unless they are MMOs

MysticStrummer1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

"what the hell are you doing playing these games in single player?"

Some people would rather work their way through a halfway decent story than to play the same game over and over, which is essentially what you're doing with a completely multiplayer game.

To each their own.

My little brother prefers very focused single player campaigns that are heavy on scripted events. Replay value is meaningless to him. He hates open world games with the exception of Elder Scrolls, and when a new one of those comes out he says he has trouble getting excited about it because he knows what a time sink it is. He only likes CoD style games for online play, and really mainly just CoD itself.

I prefer a good and more random AI, more open worlds or at least bigger levels with multiple paths, and hate CoD style online games.

To each their own.

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WeAreLegion1706d ago

Same here. Well, Call of Duty, anyway.

COD, COD2, MW, and MW2 have incredible campaigns.
As far as Battlefield goes, it's pretty much just the first Bad Company that has a great campaign. Still, I prefer a good campaign to multi-player.

frostypants1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Battlefield began as an online-only game. I'm fine with games being multiplayer long as they are priced accordingly. $60 for a game with only an online mode is a rip-off...unless it has some crazy depth to it.

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Mikelarry1706d ago

I dont think TF is the "future of gaming", TF is just using what brink and the alike couldnt do well showing us it could work and how it could work if done properly. there would always be single player story driven games the indies will make sure of that

UsUcK1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Like who cares if you don't op.

thezeldadoth1706d ago

this argument is old. You know ahead of time its multiplayer only. If you don't like that, don't get it. There are single player only games so why can't there be multiplayer only games. "60 dollar for online onlyyyyy"

Its funny because people have put far more hours into halo/cod/bf multiplayer than their campaign. Thats actually where the value is for these games. I'm glad they didn't put together a sad/short/rushed SP like battlefield and call of duty. I only wanted it for the multiplayer.

Rich16311706d ago are 100% spot on. Couldn't have said it better. + a bubble for ya.

BOLO1706d ago

The campaign allows you to practice, brush up, and prepare for multiplayer in ways a simple "tutorial" can't. You say the value of previous FPS games is in the multiplayer? Does that all of a sudden give developers/publishers the right to not at least include a single player mode for a $60 game? If that's the case, lets forget about story/character/IP progression and stick to Titanfall, Titanfall 2K15/16 and so forth like a sports game.

thezeldadoth1705d ago

you're missing the point that a single player campaign was never part of the deal. they tell you before buying. If multiplayer only isn't $60 value to you, then don't buy it. If respawn wants to make titanfall 2k15/16, that's their right to do it. People who want that and find value in that will buy it.

Zefros1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

THis is something new in FPS. But the future of gaming isn't titanfall. The future of gaming is how to make your own FPS. Like Dice made BF, its's huge with 64 players online. Activison made COD, the game is great in it's own way, but they have lost their way when coming to new ideas in this franchise. Then we have Respawn who has made Titanfall, their own take on FPS, it feels fresh and fun. You also have GG who makes killzone,also a really great fps game. In my opinion innovation is what the future is.

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