Gamers Raging Over In-Game Movie Ads In Battlefield 4

Gamers are having a tough time accepting EA's marketing practices with the recent addition of in-game ads featured in Battlefield 4 for the upcoming Need for Speed film.

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dannygamer1679d ago

Is EA testing the waters.
I didn't pay for full game and premium just to get ads in game.

darthv721679d ago

in game advertising isnt new but if the game litterally takes a commercial break then yeah....houston we have a problem.

On the flip side, NFS is EA's property so at least it isnt an ad for old spice. if it was victoria secret then i wouldnt have a problem.

Volkama1679d ago

It's OK to stick a billboard in a game where it fits, and a film ad wont look out of place in a BF4 cityscape.

But I'm still glad it's seeing protest, because it is a slippery slope to bigger offenses. I don't want disruptive ads, and I don't want ad space to factor into level or game design.

darthv721679d ago

agreed volkma. billboards are one thing but intrusive ads...that is crossing a line. It would be breaking the immersion the player has while gaming.

And on a side note...the victoria secret reference...that was a joke people. no humor these days sheesh.

zeee1679d ago

God! I am starting to HATE this company. I never want to use such strong statements and words such as HATE but really EA is making it so easy for us to start HATING them!!! I think there should be a movement to boycott anything EA regardless of the developer.

frostypants1679d ago

Old Spice advertising is hilarious, though. They could actually do something pretty funny with BF, I'll bet.

hellzsupernova1678d ago

i dont see the issue here. games have been doing it for years. i remember one game where it was an apocolypse setting and every soda machine was in perfect condition and i htink had a mountain dew add on it.

If it is a billboard what is the big deal? we have bigger gaming issues! and bigger world issues, lets not hate just because it is EA.

Tru_Blu1678d ago

Funny thing it's only for premium members. They figure they milked them for all they can so start selling ads space on there screen now lol.

ObiWanaTokie1678d ago

or lets hate them because they deserve it! that sounds better

the netcode alone of bf3 and now 4 make me hate EA. not to mention other titles they publi$h too

TheSaint1678d ago

EA, ruining gaming since 2000.

Dee_911678d ago

They tested the waters with madden.I forget which one, but it was basically an Old Spice ad..
I personally don't care nor mind those types of ads. I'm not exactly sure what type of ad this is but if its just a random poster on the main screen or what ever it wouldn't bother me.But I completely understand why people would get upset... However I think a boycott soley for the ad would be irrational ..Who am I kidding, irrational is Gamers middle name.

ZombieKiller1678d ago

Darth whether it be Old Spice or Need for Speed, this is bad. Just like Microsoft charging for xbox live, just like Activision adding Season Passes. Once again a major game company gets greedy and does things that could potentially start another bad habit that other companies see as a good idea.

To tell you the truth, I bet the damage is done already. All it's going to take is another major company (looking at you Activision) to see that this is happening, think this MIGHT be a good idea, then do it themselves. Until one day, GTA earns a billion MORE all because we have to sit and watch some stupid ass coke ad or something. It's the idea. The BAD idea that I don't like.
10 years ago, people didn't pay to play online. 10 years ago a season pass was something you bought at a sports game to see the content that was already there, set up and ready for you. Now, the NORM is me paying $100 a year for both PSN and XBL PLUS a subscription to COD (not really, I don't play COD anymore but for the sake of my point).....and I see in another 10 years (or much less) me and you having to pay for ads to go away....all because we wanted to play a little bit online.

I'm sorry, but in no way is this a good thing and I refuse to support this in any way.

darthv721678d ago

@zombie, i get what you are saying but just need to make one 'minor' correction. 10 years ago people DID pay to play online. I know the point you were trying to make but those with xbox paid for xbox live to play online.

your point is valid but you just needed to go back 5 more years. i dont disagree by the way and im sure that seems nitpicky but just trying to help your point.

Yi-Long1678d ago

Wow, I guess EA really wants to win 'Worst Company' for the 3rd year in a row.

This kinda BS takes you completely out of the experience. I believe the Crackdown demo years ago had a similar thing, where suddenly I was seeing in-game advertisments of a Dutch musical(!) Completely ruined the whole thing for me, and didn't even consider buying the game after seeing that.

In fact, it actually makes me want to boycot the product they were trying to sell in the first place.

Kidmyst1678d ago

It's EA, we as Gamers need to just step back and stop supporting them. Plenty of other games to play and as long as EA makes money off us, this will only get worse.

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Yodagamer1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

If past history has shown with ea they don't test the water. They have a meeting that goes like this Employee 1: "hey i don't thing gamers will like this" Higher up Employee, "Put it in anyways they'll learn to deal with it and don't forget to rush it out to market".

T21679d ago

exactly , I bet if it was just that simple, EA would stick a tuned car in BF4 , it would just go racing by while you ran from your base, people would try to chase it in a jet and it would go off map.... sounds cool in theory but it could get really lame.

CerebralAssassin1678d ago

And the masses will buy it anyway. All this crying over ingame advertising. Get the hell over it. All gamers do is complain complain complain. As long as it doesnt affect the gameflow who gives a damm. Aww theres a need for speed billboard in the game instead of some fake billboard. Boo hoo.

-Foxtrot1679d ago

Are they that desperate to get people to go and see Need for looks terrible. I can't believe some people are giving it a good review saying it's "broke" the video game curse when theres no bloody plot to most of the Need for Speed could literally call this Fast and Furious 7 and people would believe it,

ZombieKiller1678d ago

Actually FoxTrot funny you said that. When I saw the ad, I thought it was Fast & Furious 7. Lol shame on me, it's not even Universal is it? Shows how much I care! I haven't seen a F&F movie since the first one. Although the cars and action was pretty awesome, it was way to superficial for me.

joab7771679d ago

I actually wouldnt mind it IF it came at the right moment...AND it meant that all the nickle and diming bull$#!/ stopped!!!

cyguration1678d ago

I should report you for inept gamer mentality.

lizard812881679d ago

Tablets have advertisements too. If EA were greedy, then they'd charge an extra $30 (DLC maybe) to remove the ads....

I'm looking at you Kindle Fire...

Spenok1679d ago

Honest question here. Why do people care about in game adds? How, at all, does it hurt you in any way?

All it does is add a sense of realism to a game. If you are playing in a city map, IE. Siege of Shanghai, Dawnbreaker, and maybe even Hainan Resort. It makes that map seems more realistic. Which is a lot of what this game goes for.

Now if it was anything like what darthv72 says, then yes, I would see the reason behind the anger. But who cares if you see an ad that is properly placed within a game it fits.

Movie adds, soda like Pepsi and such on vending machines and such. How is this a BAD thing?

Again, honestly looking for a legit, real answer.

SmoothC9111679d ago

@ Spenok

The article says that the ads are in loading screens, not something like an in-game billboard and the like. I'm fine with something in-game like that, but in loading & home screens... it's a bit much. Then when you factor in premium costs AND how broken the game has been...

My most recent experience was being killed by a sniper who was on the ground inside a building while I was behind freight containers outside

mydyingparadiselost1679d ago

I play games for the lack of realism, is a great distraction from the regular ho hum of everyday life. Throwing an ad in a game breaks that for me, it's honestly one of the worst things that can be done, especially if the game's bought new, with DLC, etc. If BF4 was F2P or something along those lines it would be more understandable but it's not, it's a premium product that EA is trying to hamfist even more money out of through advertising more of their stuff instead of fixing issues with the game.
Also if your playing for realism then shouldn't BF4 have no respawns, PTSD hallucinations, no health regen and months long hospital stays for wounds? Realism isn't about advertisements :\

rainslacker1679d ago

What you discuss is more product placement, which in some cases can definitely add to the realism of the environment. Games like Gran Turismo do it because it's natural. There's a lot of it in TV and it's hardly noticeable. Then there are shows like Bones which are so blatantly obvious at times I'm sitting there like "WTF, really?".

What EA is doing is during loading screens. While this is typically not distracting to actual game play, it can take some of the excitement out of what you're doing or about to do. Imagine being pumped for a match, and then some ad for Dr. Pepper or a crappy movie gets thrown up on screen. It takes you from playing a game(which you payed for) to nothing more than just watching broadcast TV. For the most part, as soon as a commercial comes on TV, people tune out. Do you really want people tuning out and their excitement dwindling because of what could be annoying ads.

It's not really much of a stretch to say that if people just lay down for this, then EA will do everything they can to make it more intrusive. EA has a very bad track record of pushing their money making agenda's a lot further than they should.

What about when loading screens are extended just so they can throw in more ads? If the money is there, there is nothing to say that they couldn't artificially make them last a lot longer. Do you enjoy going to YouTube to watch a video and having to sit through a ad that you can't skip?

Here's a thought for you. Purely hypothetical, but see what could happen should you just say "no big deal".

Think that soon this could very well be political ads given that MS is looking at pursuing that revenue stream. Could you imagine being about to play BF only to see some ad from a politician who is outspoken enough to use video games as a tool on their agenda to blame gun violence on video games? Imagine this crap happening every 2 years for the main and mid-term elections.

I know in the above post that I speak in a lot of hypotheticals and generalities. However, EA doesn't instill a lot of faith in me to believe they wouldn't take advantage of this if it's successful. How often have EA said that consumers love their anti-consumer BS? In that same vein, the industry itself, unfortunately, doesn't instill a lot of faith in me that they wouldn't follow suit.

ThatOneGuyThere1678d ago

they arent in the levels or anything. only the main menu. which honestly, is far less intrusive than what people are making it out to be.

ObiWanaTokie1678d ago


you'll never get a proper kill cam again.
the new kill cam shows teammates instead of enemies not. its like the game is like "he is close by show him"!

also no one knows you can charge the paddles down to heal to one hundred, pretty tired of getting picked up with 20, f***ing noobs

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Gamer6661679d ago

I agree. If you pay extra to get a "Premium" experience you should not be exposed to ads.

Muffins12231679d ago

Meh...its not like your playing games and seeing ads as you play them.Its like when you buy a dvd for a movie and you get ads before you get to the menu of the movie screen and play movie. As long as the ads aren't in the actual game itself im fine with it.

3-4-51678d ago

And yet they STILL don't understand why people don't like them.

MysticStrummer1678d ago

They understand. They just don't care because people complain and then buy the games anyway. People voting them Worst Company but then buying their product has to amuse them.

Radentangr1678d ago

Is EA testing the waters? Yes.

Google have been testing the waters for a decade. Expect pre-roll ads before the title menu, splash ads post death and situational ads triggered by events.

Its the triggered ads that you will need to be looking into. You say Pizza and that trigger ad will show the best deals in your area. The more information you put into online networks, databases etc the more the ad networks can take advantage of to feed you 24/7 tailored advertising. This is the power of the cloud... This is why MSFT, Google, Samsung and Apple want the living room. Whoever owns the ad platform of choice owns consumerism.

Skate-AK1678d ago

They have been doing this. You see the Dr. Pepper ads on Fight Night?

ThatOneGuyThere1678d ago

snickers in madden...etc. Fight Night Round 3....damn that dodge.

Skate-AK1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Edit: Clicked the wrong thing.

ThatOneGuyThere1678d ago

but you probably gladly paid MS for that exact thing in Xbox live.

Skate-AK1678d ago

Just remember Skate 3 even had a trick called the Miracle Whip.

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lebr0n1679d ago

EA makes that movie, totally explains it.

SteamPowered1679d ago

That doesn't make it right.

Bhuahahaha1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

pretty soon it wont be just EA product that will be advertise. we'll eventually see a hotdog, condom, beer, burger etc etc

Volkama1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

This guy, he's in the mind of every gamer out there. As adverts go that is some precision targeting system.

king_george1679d ago

Lol im so immature. Literally laughed when i saw "hotdog" and "condom" in the same sentence

liamn1679d ago

It all starts with image ads.
Soon there will be video ads mid match or between rounds.

timothyckeegan1679d ago

Don't give them any ideas ;)

GiantFriendlyCrab1679d ago

psychopaths have already thought of that since the forever

ifistbrowni1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

EA already have games like this. NHL has video advertisements.

Though, they do give you a small reward of pucks for watching them (pucks are a virtual currency to buy players for your online team).

I wouldn't put it past EA to litter Battlefield with video advertisements. "Watch this Old Spice ad and receive a Bronze/Silver/Gold battlepack."

Honestly, i wouldn't mind if they did that. If i got a gold battlepack for watching a 30 second ad. That's kinda alright.

Apollo11679d ago

I hope not.
I don't think they will take it further. Users didn't show any interest in this ad.

BX811679d ago

Wtf? When did this happen? I don't think I've played bf4 in a week.

Shakengandulf1678d ago

Yeah same here, i was done with Bf4 weeks ago.

Can pc players get around this?

Thatlalala1679d ago

If I get free dlc, games, or even Live or PSN, I will gladly watch ads between matches.

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andrewsimons1679d ago

Want to get rid of the in-game ads? Upgrade for only $4.99 a month!

Kyosuke_Sanada1679d ago

"We will then put movie ads on the comfort of your iron sights. Reflex scopes will view in Widescreen..."

PsylentKiller1679d ago

Reminds me of Talladega Nights with the sponsor decal across the windshield.

Ricky Bobby: This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love fig newtons.

edgarohickman1679d ago

This reminds me of mobile applications. We already paid around $110 for this game.

BlingBlaine1679d ago

Sick but true. We cant let them open the door for ingame ads.

Its a pandoras box of uglyness, and everyone who is saying its no big deal......well it will be.

drizzom1678d ago

Yeah, and its those same people who made it easier for companies to standardize garbage like DLC.

DanielGearSolid1679d ago

If its picture ads, who cares, ignore it

If it progresses to video ads, that you have to skip, or worse, you can't skip, then it's a problem

UnHoly_One1679d ago

Yeah seriously, if it is just an image in the corner of a menu screen or something, who gives a rat's @ss?

Tom871679d ago

They are testing the waters with in game ads.

ThatOneGuyThere1678d ago

how can they be testing the waters with a simple menu ad of their own title when they and several other developers have been putting in-game ads IN the games themselves?

Hellsvacancy1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I can't really say I look at the loading screens, I smoke my zoot waiting for the next round to begin

That doesn't mean I approve of it, it's not that big of a big deal

Besides they did this with BF3, the main menu had Fifa advertisements

T21679d ago

it should at least be destructible then , cmon EA you hypocrites.. you make a billboard for a terrible movie, I want to demolish it with a rpg.... but I guess we can't both be happy, this is EA after all. in the future "fully destructible environments"****

***with the exception of our advert billboards.

rainslacker1679d ago

It would actually be pretty funny if there was a day where all the game streams just showed no one killing each other, but instead going around destroying billboards over and over again.