PS4 Sales Face Steep Drop While 3DS and PS Vita are Stable, Wii U Still Low

Media Create and Famitsu software and hardware sales from last week have been released today, which will give us a good look into the overall sales of last week’s Japanese market.

Here’s the software charts between March 3rd and March 9th.

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KrisButtar3242d ago

"Knack was the only PS4 title to make it to the top ten list."

That surprised me, I would have thought a couple PS4 games would have made it because the launch was only a few weeks ago.

ajames3473242d ago

Yeah that surprised me too. It's really unfortunate but maybe next week will be better.

darthv723242d ago

the ? for me is how Famitsu and Media Create are so different.

Famitsu is a journalist source and would generally be reporting the info that MC releases. So why the difference?

WiiUsauce3242d ago

Japan doesn't give a sh*t about consoles. They're on the 3DS and Vita.

Theantidote6193242d ago

You're a week away from a Metal Gear Solid Bundle. Of course people are waiting.

Neonridr3242d ago

and Knack only made it because it was a pack-in for a PS4 bundle.

N4g_null3242d ago

I think Americans are buying those ps4s. The initial game releases would turn off most Japanese gamers. Sons and metal gear may not help. While smash and mk8 or coming.

Japan is not as afraid of ms as the English speaking countries. All sony had to say is we are not ms to get hype this gen. Then they still made you pay for online lol. It's a good deal if you want Netflix gaming.

Hicken3242d ago

Dude, what the hell are you talking about?

N4g_null3242d ago

You must be to young to know about military bases in Asia. Where do you think Xbox sales come from?

There is some thing going on with the Japanese market.

NeoTribe3242d ago

Please never comment again. That was total nonsense.

N4g_null3242d ago

Says the guy with one bubble. What are you guys 12?

Wh15ky3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I, for one, understand your first paragraph but the second one has me baffled.

"Japan is not as afraid of ms as the English speaking countries"

What does that mean?

"All sony had to say is we are not ms to get hype this gen."

Are you still talking about Japan?

"It's a good deal if you want Netflix gaming."

Ah! as I was typing 'what?' in response to this, the penny dropped.

You mean a game rental type of service similar to Netflix, you weren't refering to Netflix itself, as with the xbox you need a gold account to access your Netflix account.

I enjoy PS+ very much and I think it's a bit harsh comparing it to Netflix. By the time decent movies come to Netflix they're at least 3 years old and you've seen them a dozen times already.

I'd describe PS+ more as Now TV gaming. Now TV is another streaming service we get in the UK, there are a lot less films to choose from but the new films are generally less than a year old and there's always something decent that you haven't seen.

N4g_null3241d ago

Ha sorry long day of making cool stuff. We where just talking about this at the studio. Sorry I didn't explain more but whisky wins the prize.

At least Netflix has breaking bad! I really don't want any of the games on ps now. It would be nice if sony made more challenging games with reply value.

Gamers are really afraid of ms. Xbone just confirmed a lot of that. So the ps4 wins by default since you can't play a wiiu and be cool.

Yet the wiiu will be getting some serious games. The I need this many games to get a wiiu is getting really close to a must buy, where you don't have to wait on the good games.... most of them are already out.

Now if Nintendo had a Nintendo now I would pay a large premium for that across a console and handheld.

Even if the wiiu doesn't sell we still get what we want the same goes for sony gamers so we all win luckily.

Wh15ky3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Now I don't know if we're talking about PS+ or PS Now. Is PS Now even available yet?

"Gamers are really afraid of ms."

Not sure afraid is the right word, I think alot are certainly very annoyed with them though.

"Xbone just confirmed a lot of that."

I don't think so. If you're refering to the nose dive in sales following launch, I think alot of factors have to be included.

Alot of what MS have done over the years has annoyed alot of gamers:

1. RROD was inexcusable IMO. I don't care about the extended warranty, the only reason they eventually decided to offer it was because the alternative was to admit defeat and leave the console market.

2. Heavy Kinect focus for the second half of the last gen left the majority of their faithful fans alienated.

3. Closing studios resulting in a severe lack of first party games for the second half of last gen.

4. The xbox one reveal was an absolute shambles.

I think MS got cocky. They thought they had a firm grip on the console market and their success from last gen would automatically carry onto this gen. However,I think Sony made such a mess of the PS3 early on with the high price, the delays, complicated hardware, lack of quality games, poor online service etc. that the 360 was a success "by default".

"So the ps4 wins by default"

I don't know if it wins by default. I think it is winning, primarily, because of the Playstation brand. The PS3 won the second half of last gen hands down by almost rebuilding the playstation brand and they have now managed to carry that momentum onto this new gen.

"since you can't play a wiiu and be cool."

Possibly. Well... that and the Playstation brand.

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DeadlyFire3242d ago

They will get a big boost in a couple of months.

PoSTedUP3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

and when one tiny little no-name JRPG hits Japan: ppl will jump on the PS4 like its the last chopper out of Vietnam. XD.

DaGamingKing3242d ago

I understand that Knack was included in PS4 consoles in Japan meaning all 300,000 consoles sold accounted for 300,000 copies of knack, or so I am told.

THamm3242d ago

A Sega title would have helped, Launches aren't the same without Sega sadly...

G20WLY3241d ago

Isn't Yakuza Sega? Trouble is, many just bought it for PS3.

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BelkingOfSony3242d ago

'PS4 sales face steep drop'

obviously the sales are going to drop after launch, every console faces a drop in sales after launch.

thezeldadoth3242d ago

it was obvious this was gonna be one of the first comments lol this site is pathetic

stragomccloud3242d ago

Ummm... how is stating an empirical fact pathetic?

ShutUpDonny3242d ago

You are one frustrated little fellow, aren't you ?

TheTwelve3242d ago

Make your own site that has news you like or hush/stop visiting.

MysticStrummer3242d ago

This site is pathetic for comments like yours.

What BelkingOfSony said is something people in the business call a "fact", and it's backed up by something called "statistics".

stragomccloud3242d ago

Obviously, PS4 sales will pick up again when the drought is over.

kenshiro1003242d ago

He's right. That's not an excuse. Even the XB1 dropped off after launch.

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PeaSFor3242d ago

how dare you to be logical...

Muffins12233242d ago

Yea but it launched in america a month ago and it dident do that now did it?I understand sales will drop but it shoudent drop this drastically. And it shoul have more than 1 game in the top 10 list.

SilentNegotiator3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Because PS4 has games that people in the West are actually interested in.

AsimLeonheart3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

The answer is simple. The kind of games available on the system. The games currently available appeal to the western market but not to the Japanese market as much. There no JRPGs, visual novels, dating sims, train sims, anime based games, Resident Evil, Metal Gear (until another week), Final Fantasy, Tales of, Shin Megami Tensei, Devil May Cry, Star Ocean or any other Japanese developed games. There is nothing to drive Japanese people in to a frenzy right now. Yet the PS4 is the number 1 selling home console system in Japan so that is good enough for now.

PeaSFor3242d ago

japanese have different game tatses, right now there's nothin other than yakuza ishin for them.

Subaruwrx3242d ago

The new MGS game coming out soon will probably help sales.

ritsuka6663242d ago

I could see PS4 dropping to 10-20k next week. just watch.

Inception3242d ago

Next week japan had MGS: GZ. I doubt it will drop at 10-20k. Just watch.

Muffins12233242d ago

Yea, just wait till some Japanese games come out..the Japanese will go crazy.

knifefight3242d ago

The release date is the 20th, so the next round of sales actually won't have numbers for the MGS:GZ release. It will have reports for March 10th-16th. Two sales reports from now, we will see Ground Zeroes numbers.

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