The Positive Side of Being a Wii U Owner

Gamnesia: "Of course, little of that has to do with the Wii U itself, but rather the games being great. Nintendo has always made really great games, so what about the Wii U really makes them better anyways? Honestly, it is the complete package. As an example, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is just a lot more alive than Donkey Kong Country Returns. How is that possible? Because the game can now be displayed in HD and due to the extra processing power afforded it than the previous game did not. Both benefits that come directly from the Wii U.

This still hasn’t even touched on my absolute favorite feature – the GamePad. I know many don’t understand the appeal, but myself as a father of two have really come to appreciate what it offers me. Right off the bat I can play games I normally wouldn’t be able to when the children are home, because Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag can be played remotely. Just toss on a pair of headphones and I am golden as the kids watch a movie on Netlfix. It’s a feature I have only grown to appreciate more as time as moved on. What about playing multiplayer games? I’ve had my friend Eric over for some Call of Duty: Ghosts sessions and outside of creating more precise controls in general compared to other consoles, we each have our own screen to play on locally. It allows both of us to play to our maximum potential (even if we do flip a coin over who gets to use the TV). At the end of the day, this is still far better than splitting my TV screen in half."

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Laying down replying via gamepad! Haha!

hatsume-miku1775d ago

You know what's positive for me being a WiiU owner? I have a lot of fun!

N4g_null1775d ago

The mii verse is a very cool place to meet real fans of Nintendo games. The art they produce is out standing. If only nintendo land was patched for online play. The game list is getting pretty big. Lots of sleeper hits.

Netflix with the game pad right there is golden. Subtitles and dubbing can be switch without a fuss.

Lots of great indies have a lot of use for the pad. Funding is an issue and unity3d is still being upgraded.

Ck1x1775d ago

I think the WiiU will have some of the highest rated games this generation. Not only that, they are just generally very fun games and different titles from what are on the PS4 and XbOne.

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