Peter Molyneux doesn't plan to retire -- "I'm just gonna die"

Acclaimed Fable designer adds, "I don't know what life is without making games."

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Anon19741683d ago

I disagree. Before Molyneux started working on Fable (which is a classic) he created games that spawned genres.

Populous, Powermonger, Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper, Theme Park... the guy has so many absolute classic games under his belt it just boggles my mind that everyone wants to slam the guy because Fable 2 (also a great game) didn't live up to the hype or his original vision for the game. You can't dismiss a man's entire 30 year contribution to the evolution of gaming simply because he was overzealous in interviews and a couple of titles didn't live up to the hype.

He was inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of fame in 2004 and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Game Developers in 2011.

I for one am looking forward to his return to the god game genre he pioneered in Godus. Gamers everywhere owe this man their gratitude for his contributions to the medium.

Neonridr1683d ago

lol, it was a bad joke I know. I realize this man has done many great things for us. I just don't like him personally because of his attitude and the way he thinks he is better than everyone else. Sure we owe a lot to the man because he pioneered and trailblazed a lot of things for us, but that doesn't mean he needs to be a jerk about things.

And all that success doesn't mean that lately he has fallen flat on his face. He needs to go back to his beginnings and understand what made his earlier titles great.

Anon19741683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

You see, I never, ever got the impression of arrogance from the man. Sites loved to take quotes from his interviews and run them as sensational headlines, but I`ve always respected the man and sourced out the full interviews so I could see the context. As a developer myself, I`ve been inspired by Molyneux`s work from the moment I first played Populous.

The guy is unabashedly enthusiastic about his work and about the medium in general and I`ve always felt that if other developers out there had a tenth of the excitement Molyneux had for developing the gaming world would be a much better place.

And really, even when you look at his flops, they still stand up as excellent games. Black and White didn`t set the world on fire but was still a unique and fun game to play. Fable 2 didn`t live up to his original vision, and aside from a terrible ending was a helluva ride that still managed several game of the year awards. To say he`s fallen flat on his face as of late doesn`t give him enough credit because even when not living up to expectations, he`s still making game of the year level games.

Even Fable 3 earned a respectable 80 on metacritic, and still he was humble and admitted he was responsible, not his team, and felt ashamed for the final product. This isn`t an arrogant guy falling flat on his face, to me.

Really looking forward to Godus.

yewles11682d ago

"I'm not retiring--I'm just gonna die,"

He could've said this A LOT LESS morbidly... *shudders*

Summons751682d ago

True but more power to him that he can accept the fact he will die one day and that he wants to be dedicated to his work until that point. So I'll give him credit for that.

NarooN1682d ago

I had to lol at how fatalist and morbid that line sounds -- "I'm just gonna die."

IanVanCheese1682d ago

I'd like to see him go back to some of the ideas he half finished in the past.

I'd love to see a new Black and White.

Stoppokingme1682d ago

"How can you retire from something you love?"

-Ozzy Osbourne

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