Battlefield 4 Or Titanfall - Which Game Will You Choose?

Titanfall has officially released and the high review scores are great news for EA and Respawn. We are going to take a look at the development of Battlefield 4 and Titanfall. Will you stick with BF4, Titanfall or both?

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daggertoes831679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

As broken as battlefield is I still choose it. Love that series. Titanfall is really fun as well and I'm not a huge fast paced action fan.

GarrusVakarian1679d ago

I'll be choosing both. My BF4 has been almost flawless since launch( true story), so for me, it's a brilliant game. Rush mode is so adrenaline pumping at times.

But when i want something a little more mindless (in a good way) and fast paced, i'll play TF. Why choose one or the other?

IVanSpinal1679d ago

Obliteration and Last Titan Stand for me

BX811679d ago

@ Lukas I hear ya. Both for me but I can't put Titanfall down except for now gym time! Lol.

NewMonday1679d ago

I used to be all about Rush in my last 2 Battlefield games, but BF4 is just not made for it, so I switched to Conquest and never looked back.

Volkama1679d ago

Same here, both games are great at what they do and they offer quite different experiences.

Titanfall is great fun, I can invest hours into it zipping about the walls and just enjoying the game. But sometimes you want the scale, spectacle and destruction of Battlefield 4.

Titanfall or COD? Those 2 are more aligned. But that choice is so easy you can understand why nobody is asking.

TopDudeMan1679d ago

Yeah, haha does it really have to be a choice between the two?

pompombrum1679d ago

I never really warmed to Battlefield 4. For me, it just didn't reignite my desire to play FPS games and didn't do anything to make me think it was a new experience. The destructible environments were the only stand out features for me however it's nothing we haven't seen in the Battlefield franchise in the past.

Titanfall just feels like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant genre. It's fun, really fun and something I see myself playing for many months to come.

Still I agree, why choose just one? I'm sure I'll still find time to enjoy Battlefield 4 when the new maps are released.

Kingthrash3601679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

if i had to choose...bf4 all the way. i like deeper the challenge and skill it takes to play bf4 and succeed, keeps me coming back. tf is fun, but a lil too easy for my tastes.

BelkingOfSony1679d ago

Don't know why people have started abbreviating Titanfall as TF.

TF = Team Fortress

Mister_Dawg1679d ago

Yep both it is. If you have the option to buy both games, and both are the t!ts, why wouldn't you get both?

Looking forward to getting online with Titanfall, although I'm going pc route for the moment.

mewhy321679d ago

BF4!!! This isn't even close. If I want a game like Call of Duty I'll just play Ghost. BF4 hands down. Easy decision.

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DeadRabbits1679d ago

I just can't justify spending 500 quid on a piece of hardware that can just about run it.

Sitdown1679d ago

So just get it for the 360.... but your comment was probably an attempt to bash under the radar huh?

Titanpete1679d ago

Tf by a mile. Bf4 its crap even cod its better.

NeoTribe1678d ago

Right, with a name like yours im sure you have no bios twords other games. Get out of here bro, your not foolin nobody. Titanfall will be forgotten soon.

sak5001679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

@daggertoes.. YOu'll choose it since you ps fanboy don't have any choice.

Played BF4 on 360 for a week and halfway in campaign lost the save game due to crappy bugs. Uninstalled / deleted the POS.
TF for me on xb1 till something really worthwhile comes out.

dcj05241679d ago

You made two MASSIVE mistakes. 1.Why the hell did you playbthe campaign?
2.Why the hell, of all consoles would you play it on freaking Xbox 360.

sak5001679d ago

I have been playing BF on pc since BF1942, after 2006 shifted to 360 and had played BF:MC, Bad company, BF3 etc all on 360 so why shouldn't i play BF4 on it? Also had BF3 on my PC with 2 x 5870 in crossfire and had so many issues of hanging so i've given up bug fest games on pc.

HurtfulTimez1679d ago

Yep BF4 for me but i only tried the titanfall beta at a friends for a few hours but i had the same opinion after playing it that i had all along from when i first seen it at E3 - COD with Mechs and added wall running.

Just not for me thats all not slating the game at all if you enjoy it good for you, but for me its not a game where im like OMG i neeeeeed to get this game like i get when i see FFXV trailers lol

And i dont mean 'you' personally just people in general

Spenok1679d ago

Yeah, would definitely go for BF4 on this one. Much more going on at any given time. Destruction, bigger maps, all sorts of vehicles etc.

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Shadonic1679d ago

I would take titanfall if i could, its too much of a hassle to get into a game with friends on battlefield and the whole netcode thing really turned me off along with all of these game modes being locked behind paywalls.

Fishy Fingers1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Agreed, it's a complete ball ache to get in a squad in BF with your mates sometimes.

Majin-vegeta1679d ago

Ehh after playing TF for awhile yesterday.It got old pretty fast.

Spawn-->kill--->Summon Titan--->Rinse and repeat.At least in BF4 if i get bored of one style can always switch out ovet another playstyle.

@Shadonic If your on PS4 its really easy to party up.

E.g Have friend join server-->hit touchpad-->scroll over to friends tab-->find your friend and Triangle and bam you're in they're squad automatically.
Seems a lot of people dont know about this.

BelkingOfSony1679d ago

Don't know why everyone is abbreviating Titanfall as TF, when TF = Team Fortress

Pain_Killer1679d ago

TF2 is the abbreviation used for Team Fortress 2. :p

Spenok1679d ago

This or just have them join. Swap teams, and look at the team setup and join the squad you're in.

But then again your way is easier xD

xboxnation20131679d ago

titan fall spawn-->kill-->summon titan-->Rinse and repeat? lol bf is not that much different dude. bf is more like spawn-->kill spawn-->kill spawn kill--> spawn kill lol

SITH1679d ago

More like both obviously.

Pain_Killer1679d ago

Got both on PC. Running great at 2560x1440P.

Battlefield 4 runs at steady 65-75 FPS range all the time with the GeForce GTX 770.

Titanfall at 60 FPS with Adaptive V-Sync. I prefer Battlefield 4 in terms of visuals but gameplay depends on player choice.

Both are way too different games, one is a fully loaded juggernaut with huge maps and vehicles and tons of areas to use as your advantage.

The other is a action packed FPS experience where you go all in with guns blazing. Maneuvering a Titan is a superb experience, something that HAWKEN could had done right.

Sam Fisher1679d ago

I cant help but to think why does every pc gamer have to say their spec for their hardware? Is it that you feel like you have "a bigger penis" in this catagory? I dont get it...

Fishy Fingers1679d ago

Both. Probably more TF, BF4 has been in my PS4 more or less since launch so will be nice to have a little FPS variety.