Skrillex Makes a Game - Alien Ride

Dubstep sensation Skrillex has made an vertically scrolling shooter and is using it as the platform to launch his new album.

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iosgamer1776d ago

I'm not a massive Skrillex fan, but this is a cool idea for launching an album. Would love to see more artists do things like this.

SlappingOysters1776d ago

At least it is a game, unlike that Radiohead thing.


he is doing the right thing, milking the name for what it is worth and i bet a lot would do the same

SpiralTear1776d ago

Anytime I hear the words "Skrillex" and "video game" in the same sentence, it reminds me of Skrillex Quest.

Also, the album's not terrible.

starchild1776d ago

Sonny is a great, down to earth guy.