Final Fantasy IX Review by the PS Vita Review Network

The PS Vita Review Network has finished up Final Fantasy IX and given their thoughts on it, just as Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster is around the corner.

"All in all, Final Fantasy IX accurately melds together what made Final Fantasy I-VI great with what made Final Fantasy VII and VIII great into a single game, and a great way to prepare for the Final Fantasy X HD Collection. There is a ton to do in the game, and there are so many references to just about anything that you’ll never be able to find them all. The game is held back by some technical issues, but is otherwise is worthy of a spot on your Memory Card. This is a game that has a unique experience that no Final Fantasy fan should miss."

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rextraordinaire1682d ago

Battles didn't take 8-12 seconds to load. I played that game recently, and about 2-3 secs is much more realistic...

Has the author ever really counted to ten? Ten seconds is an incredibly long time for a battle to load, and that game would never have been released with such an issue.

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stragomccloud1682d ago

One of my all time favorites.

Becuzisaid1682d ago

Not even Legend of Dragoon took ten seconds to load a battle. Lol

Relientk771682d ago

Still my favorite FF game