PS4 High Specs Benefits In Golf Club Development: "Compute Shaders, Procedural Generation & More"

GP: HB Studios is currently working on The Golf Club for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is schedule to launch in Spring 2014. We recently got in touch with HB Studios' Anthony Kyne, and talked about how Playstation 4 high specs (Unified Architecture, 8GB GDDR5 RAM and GGPU) has been helpful in development of The Golf Club.

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Unreal011734d ago

My most anticipated game. Next gen starts when this comes out.

lsujester1734d ago

I am a bit excited to see what a golf game can look like on these new consoles.

Sayburr1734d ago

I am looking forward to this game, I just hope the Xbox One can run the game...

imt5581734d ago

1080p confirmed on PS4!

Eonjay1734d ago

"...remember working on the Sega Mega Drive and Commodore Amiga where RAM was more precious than gold."

LOL... this made me smile.

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