Still Playing: PlanetSide 2 – the unheralded online shooter that could take on Titanfall and Destiny

Your Battlefield is deserted. Your Destiny is uncertain. Those who answer your Call of Duty lack fervour. As you peek over the parapet of a PlanetSide 2 bunker to see an actual army advancing towards you, a hundred scurrying infantry flanking ponderous tanks and troop carriers, gunships and distant bombers weaving between AA fire, before the first barrage hunkers you useless behind the wall, you know that nothing else matches this scale.

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Emilio_Estevez1679d ago

PS2 is great, and I love that proper tactics and understanding of the game are needed to succeed. I loved Dust 514 for the same reason and it basically does all the same things but better. That is also what makes it different from COD and TF. They are both jump in, instant action. PS2 and BF take a much larger investment to get into, but are much more rewarding when you do so. The only thing that bothers me is the F2P model for PS2 isn't the best. It's not bad, but it needs some tweaking.

The competing games are clearly COD v TF
PS2 v BF more than TF/COD

Destiny is still an 'idk', so I can't comment on that until I get to use my beta code for it :)

towelie12881679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

DUST 514 sucks compared Plantside 2

Stick891679d ago

I have to agree, while I love the ideas in Dust (all the RPG skill like elements, the gear, the planetary stuff) the gameplay itself is terrible. It runs and looks terrible :( I'm really hoping for a better PS4 version because the Unreal engine has just never ran well on the PS3.

djplonker1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Bf4 blows titanfall out of the water technically and visually then again I got bored of the cod style fps awhile ago...

Gran Touring1678d ago

what's wrong with the F2P model?

Emilio_Estevez1678d ago

It's just a little too grindy. I know that is how the F2P model works, but I feel they need to lower the grinding just a little.

WeAreLegion1679d ago

No competition needs to happen. Just get both.

shaft01401679d ago

I'm waiting for this to hit the PS4.

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