Bethesda Not Planning PC To PS4 Or Xbox One Character Transfers For 'Elder Scrolls Online'

Fans who have already explored every nook and cranny in Bethesda's Skyrim can look forward to a new adventure when Elder Scrolls Online launches later this year. Developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, this title will bring the acclaimed RPG series into the MMO market. had a chance to sit down with Matt Firor, the game's director, to ask about this title's development, namely if players would be able to transfer their PC character to the console versions when they release later this year.

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OmegaShen1734d ago

Then just port all the old Elder Scrolls games to PS4 and Xbox One?

pandehz1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Or maybe put those resources into another game?

Wish the industry would stop all this porting nonsense. We dont want the entire backlog of PS2,PS3 and X360 remade again.

Imagine the same games again remade for PS5?

OmegaShen1732d ago

There PC games, about two of the were PC only.

aquamala1734d ago

wondering what "companies policies" are preventing this from happening

Christopher1734d ago

All 3.

PC will be through their own login system.

PSN will require and be tied to your PSN ID. This is the same as DCUO, an MMO owned and made by Sony. But, on PC you have your SOE login and on PSN you use your PSN ID. You characters are not transferable from one to another.

XBL, like PSN, will utilize the XBL login credentials. While, yes, they also require you utilize MS servers, the end result would be same as it is on PSN.

Maxor1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

When this game arrive it will be the best MMO on the console. I was one of the haters at first because of the $15 sub, but after playing the's totally worth it. I only hope it will make it over to the PS4 in a timely manner.

Rikuide_Furame1734d ago

I enjoy Realm Reborn on the PS4, but there's no question that ESO is more suited to consoles due to its more simplistic combat. I do like the idea of physically dodging and blocking attacks. Looking forward to the beta.

Nicksta_4111734d ago

That's nice and all but if I play on the PC and on PS4 will I have to pay separate subscription fees? While playing on the beta I noticed on the right hand side of the My Account Page it has "Purchased Games." I would really like to know because as this article states people have friends on different platforms.

Saryk1734d ago

Yes if you want to play it on the PS4 and the PC, that is two separate accounts and two separate subs.