Pure Chess Makes Move To Nintendo Wii U, 3DS eShops On March 20th

It’s your move.

Originally scheduled to be released on December 26th last year, publisher Ripstone Games has today announced the official release date for their cross-platform strategy title Pure Chess. It’s a chess game: packed with a flexible, wide range of online gameplay options for multiple platforms.

Regardless of which Nintendo version fans choose to purchase, Pure Chess allows players to go head-to-head against others who are using Android and iOS devices. Starting on Thursday, March 20th, Pure Chess can be purchased in the North American and European eShops for $7.99 and £4.99/€5.99, respectively.

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MNGamer-N1681d ago

I hope you can change the look of the pieces, because I hate the ones shown in the picture, it looks like checkers. Cool to know you can play it online, otherwise it would be worthless. Now I might pick it up to see if I have any skills.

EliteGameKnight1681d ago

There are a lot of different pieces from their video on the Nintendo website:

there are traditional pieces, those checkers pieces, Romans, and animals. Probably more. I'm personally looking forward to the Celtic design

MNGamer-N1681d ago

Cool thanks for the link. Are you good at chess? I used to play alot in my high school days, but not so much anymore. I might be a bit rusty.

EliteGameKnight1681d ago

I love chess, no where near what those competitions have, but I know my way around the board