Xbox One Hard Drive woes: We need more space

Gameondaily's James Hobbs discusses his problems regarding the Xbox One and its relatively small hard drive.

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HurtfulTimez1684d ago

I really hope this gets sorted before i intend to purchase one which was going to be about april/may times

DeathOfTheFanBoy1684d ago

They are prepping the patch as we speak.

darthv721684d ago

Isnt there support for external drives on both? i know the wii-u has that.

AnEwGuY1684d ago

@ darthv72

LOL....the WiiU NEEDED it. 32 GB is little more than one game.

darthv721684d ago

@newguy, technically the wii-u didnt need it. all the games play from the discs unlike the ps4/xb1. but yeah if you are going digital on wii-u then most definitely an external hdd works best.

Now that is an interesting point of conjecture. Why did sony and Ms go full install only this time around? Both units have quicker reading BD drives so playing from the disc would have been possible.

the only thing i can think of is that besides Ms and their original was planning on doing the same thing to prevent 2nd hand sales but changed their mind at some point. Or threw out the rumor of doing so to flesh out MS and in turn backed off on purpose.

yeah conspiracy theory time i guess. though it does make you go hmmmmm.

thrust1684d ago

You can upgrade it yourself a lot of people have if your good with tech stuff then it is very easy to do

kingdip901684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Without voiding your warranty?

akaFullMetal1684d ago

I was under the impression that you could switch out the X0 hdd but with only the same size. Since there is special format and files that is needed from Microsoft in order to go higher than 500gbs?

mewhy321684d ago

This is going to be an issue on both systems as they both require full game installs. I don't see this problem going away soon. On PS4 you are able to upgrade the hdd at anytime you wish. You can't do that on the xbone. ms wants to sell you their hdds at inflated prices just like they did on 360. ms should update their system to let users upgrade the hdd like PS4. But given the past attitude of ms toward gamers' opinions I just don't see that happening.

OldDude1684d ago

You do realize that MS and Sony have a different approach on this right? MS is patching the XB1 so that any external HDD can be used. Sony allows you to swap the HDD but doesn't allow for externals. It has nothing to do with MS selling a proprietary drive.

Jdoki1684d ago

I thought the XB1 was going to receive a patch that allowed support for almost any external USB hard drive?

Whilst MS may sell an officially badged XB1 drives, there are plenty of really cheap options available.

I'll upgrade my PS4 drive sooner rather than later. It was easy on PS3 and looks just as easy on PS4. I'd really like to get a 2TB when the prices come down and there's a bit more choice.

C-H-E-F1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

edit: wrong post

on topic, ehh I wonder what are they planning to do with all of that OS space that's reserved like good God they could've went with a 750gb to combat that. Not just saying Microsoft but Sony too, luckily it's not as bad on PS4 as Xbox One, but still shipping 500gb is like getting the 80gb at launch... it seemed like alot but in actuality it won't last a year or two (if you're a weekly/daily gamer).

cyguration1684d ago

Yeah the XB1 uses up like 130+GB right? That's ridiculous.

And people say PC has a lot of overhead.

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sAVAge_bEaST1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I'm still confused, as to why they don't have a removable HDD,. Especially with the All Digital Future, Microsoft was pushing so hard for. 500gb is nothing in this day and age.

DeadRabbits1684d ago

Simple really.

M$ want you to spend more money on a new console when they relaunch the xbone slime 750gb!

vallencer1684d ago

Except that they are patching to allow external hard drives...Please please troll harder :).

Wikkid6661684d ago

Easier to just a allow for USB 3.0 HDD

bleedsoe9mm1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

much easier than replacing HD

@Jdoki agreed completely the perfect solution is to have both options

Jdoki1684d ago


Definitely more convenient, but hardly a deal breaker.

I prefer to replace the hard drive as I don't like clutter around my console (even having a USB cable hanging out the console for charging the controllers is a bit annoying). However I can completely see how it would be appealing to just buy more and more external HDD's as needed.

lonewolfjedi1684d ago

really both consoles should give us the options to swap out the internal hardrive and/or be able to use an external hardrive not one or the other.

cyguration1684d ago

Xbox One right now doesn't give you either option.

IanVanCheese1684d ago

How on earth have people filled their hard drives already? I get the need for external storage, but is it really an issue already?

Some people can afford to buy a lot more games than I can lol.

cyguration1684d ago

Dude, EVERYTHING takes up space. If you want to watch movies/TV, download videos or music, save data, personal user recordings, download digital games or play physical games.

It may not seem like it, but the space fills up really, really, really quickly.

IanVanCheese1684d ago

Admittedly I don't download films because Netflix, but I use all that other stuff, I have 8-9 games (can't remember) and I'm at about 50% used.

Still, they said support will be coming soon and I have a 1Tb sat around doing nothing, so I'll hook that up eventually.

s45gr321684d ago

I agree but these consoles lack digital compression. On PC you can compress your digital movies to save space. The other question lies will Playstation Now allow gamers to store their games, movies, music to the cloud. That's another solution Microsoft can bring the ability to store your digital data on the cloud.

djplonker1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

One of the reasons I dont really like digital

Time - 40gb download on a 1mbps connection is not fun!

Space - 10 full games then your harddrive is full unless you upgrade

money - it usually costs more than physical and has no trade in value

Maybe thats the reason my ps4 still has 300gb free!

Jdoki1684d ago

Price is the major factor to me on consoles.

Why does a digital download have to have be the same or higher priced compared to the physical product.

Server space to host the files must cost less than physically manufacturing the disc / boxes / inserts etc.

Just feels like price gouging to me.

djplonker1684d ago

If they undercut the stores selling their games then that might cause a backlash that means the store might stop selling their games and consoles and unfortunately that means digital will not be cheaper than physical anytime soon unless its on sale!

Jdoki1684d ago

Yeah, that is the most likely reason.

Hasn't appeared to have hurt PC game sales through services like Steam - but then the sales model for the hardware is different between PC and consoles. Seems Sony / MS / Nintendo are far more reliant on bricks and mortar stores for their hardware sales.

LoveOfTheGame1684d ago

Sony or MS should create a way to have the benefits of both Digital, always available, and Physical, resell value. That would really solve all my gaming problems.

s45gr321684d ago

That's because there is no digital compression on consoles. The games are priced at the same price as retail on consoles to keep department stores selling games. The PC has already solved the issues the consoles are facing right now with digital distribution. I have 20-30 games installed on a 500gb hard drive plus 4 yes 4 1080p movies on it as well. Thanks to digital compression number two downloading games on PC are fairly quickly and you can watch a movie while it downloads.

ikk471684d ago

Prefer physical games, I don't just know why. Maybe it's the feeling from seeing the cases :)

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