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Neonridr1773d ago

PS4 software sales are really starting to nosedive...

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NewMonday1773d ago

these are the hardware numbers:

PS4 – 35,294
Vita – 31,325
3DS LL – 24,192

almost all Japan PS4 games are available on PS3, and some big games like Persona5 and Tales of Zestiria are only coming to PS3, it will be like that for another year.

after the initial hardcore fans, the uptake of the PS4 will not be serious until next gen exclusive software starts to release regularly.

RPG_Lover1773d ago

Ad about 11k to 3DS and those are the hardware numbers.

abzdine1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

at least 17272 PS4 sold this week (Knack bundle), normal cause no games are really attractive so far.
MGSV will change that next week

rambi801773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

GTA 5 is doing really well in japan. never thought i would see those kind of numbers there.

GTA sold more in japan than any yakuza game really neeeds this series on vita

DanielGearSolid1773d ago

To whoever I argued Ps4 decline last week was due to supply constraints...

I was wrong, you were right. My bad

Farsendor11773d ago

PlayStation 4 is still the best-selling games console in Japan.

Information supplied to MCV from Famitsu shows that the hardware's install base now stands at 405,546 units strong three weeks since it launched.

The hardware is so popular that most stores are now starting to run out of stock and the console’s Knack bundle is nearly sold out.

fonger081773d ago

Yeah but the biggest difference is... they still have stock in some places where as here in the States at least you'd have to camp out at a retail store to find one. Consoles are just not going to be as popular to Japanese as they once were. Don't get me wrong, the PS4 will have that market by a landslide but mobiles are killing it there.

N4g_null1773d ago

Japan knows tech and 8 gigs of gddr5 is only fooling English speaking fans. There also are no games they like. With sony bleeding money and their fanbase cheering them on but not buying lots games spells disaster.

RPG_Lover1773d ago

Mobile is absolutely killing the Japanese game market.

3DS should bounce back to first next week at this rate.

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