Naughty Dog Explains How They Keep Their Programmers Efficient and How they Make Great Games

During an hour long but extremely interesting presentation at at the Semana Informática in Lisbon Naughty Dog Lead Programmer Jason Gregory took some time to explain a few of the inner workings of the studio, specifically how they keep their relatively small programming teams efficient and happy, and on how they prioritize between story, gameplay and the various elements of a title to turn it into a great game.

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Chaos_Raiden1775d ago

Interesting read. Thanks for the share.

chrissx1775d ago

Naughty Dogs! One of the Best available today

XiSasukeUchiha1775d ago

Naughty dog truly one of te best game devs out there! and 4 ever !

Ironthighs1775d ago

Naughty Dog is a great game! Yeah! Go Nasty Dog! Best ever!

MegaRay1775d ago

I think naughty dog should put there names before any game they release like Disney's movies, cuz they always bring new ips and I doubt casual know about them all

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