Wait, So Consoles Are All About Graphics And Not Gameplay Now?

A semi-serious, semi-satirical opinion piece via EGMR in which the author discusses the recent 720p/1080p drama as well as Watch_Dogs getting flak for its graphical downgrade. When did graphics become so important to console gamers?

Quote: "It’s for that reason that I find a lot of this debate surrounding graphics to be entirely superfluous. 720p, 1080p, 30FPS, 60FPS, all of it just won’t matter in a year or two from today. So why are we breaking our heads over it now? Why aren’t we thinking long term? Are we just incapable of seeing anything more than a few months into the future? "

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Mikey322301734d ago

Yup! that's right.

... no, but at this point we are in "Next Gen" and we dont like our games to look near identicle to a past gen game.

this has not really happened in past generations (especially for AAA titles).

The visual jump we expect is just something gamers are entitled to for their $400-$500 console that is marketed be able to "deliver with ease."

Games are still all about the gameplay, but everyone has to up the Visual/Graphic's ante (at least somewhat) to get into the game.

Neonridr1734d ago

I agree with what you are saying in that people are expecting to see what that $400-500 bought them and that they want to see a justification in better graphics, bigger games, etc.

Problem is we had such a huge jump going from the 480p times with the Xbox, PS2 to to HD era of Xbox 360 and PS3. That sort of a jump just can't be replicated this time around which I think is upsetting some people.

My only complaint with these people is that games like GTA V and TLOU were talked about for days in regards to how good they looked, etc but suddenly a game that has the same resolution, but more complexity is not good enough anymore. And we are talking about only 6 months ago.

Graphics are always an important piece to telling a story and with better graphics you can immerse the player in the world a lot better. However, gameplay will always trump graphics as an ugly game can still be a fun game but a pretty game can still be a boring game.

Kingthrash3601734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

the companies who make and sell these systems seem to think so.
always talking specs..showing graphical demos...saying "our console is the most powerful"
the key word is "powerful". powerful has NOTHING to do with fun factor. i can go back to nes days and play mario bros and have fun... power is a system seller. power is a pc seller...its a car seller hell tv's gotta at least be 1080p 120htz.
people want more bang for there bucks more now than ever. more for less. ps4 nearly doubles the sells of the x1 not only because of price but because of power as well. 400 and more power or 500 and less power...kinda make the choice easier.
in games fun factor is a top key.. look at tf so much hype because its fun. for a fps its really not perfect. it isnt the best fps when under a microscope, flaws are largly ignored because its fun.
so all in all both matter. fun is more important for selling games. power is more important for selling consoles. when both power and fun combine to make a game...well thats when you have a gem. and that usually happens at the end of a consoles life cycle.

morganfell1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Gameplay does trump graphics, but only in those instances where gameplay does not rely directly on graphics, where part of gameplay is the graphical component. Stealth titles often fall in to this category. However, the idea that one mutually excludes the other is idiocy. It is inexcusable in this generation not to have both.

There were a lot of hollow games last generation that were supposedly running the latest eye candy. They were the supermodel of games. They looked good but you could tell it was all flashy self absorbed implementations and they were dead from the neck up.

And we had great titles that were simply painful to look at for more than a few minutes.

This go 'round there is simply no reason, no where for a developer to hide when they produce a title that does not encompass both gameplay and great sensory overload (graphics and sound). To do so is either the mark of a money grab or simple incompetence.

Writeups by the further interfering shoddy attempts at journalism which attempt to excuse poor graphics are a disservice to the gamer and complicit in the unforgivable actions of publishers and developers.

vallencer1734d ago

So much win in your comment neon. I'm in complete agreement with you and how people act.

The jump in graphics just can't be replicated again like you said. Instead this era is going to be more about polish and adding more natural things in games. Like how in watch dogs there's a bunch of trash and debris floating around. It's going to be more about immersion this gen I believe.

The only problem kingthrash is that they talk specs because a huge majority of gamers clamor for specs. So of course they're going to tote power and sell it that way. But I agree with you.

darthv721734d ago

Graphics matter as far as drawing the player into the digital environment it is recreating but gameplay is more important overall. just my POV.

The thing that puzzles me is that we had games that did 1080p on the Ps3 and yet all the rage is 1080p on the PS4 but that res is the same regardless of the platform. So it isnt like we will see a big jump in quality right from the start.

The fidelity of the games will improve. Fidelity meaning the finer details that we would not pay as much attention to such as the blades of grass or the dust clouds or plumes of smoke from the firing of a gun...those smaller details will start to play a bigger role in differentiating the past gen from this gen.

if im having fun stomping around in a big mech suit or platform jumping from building to building then the graphics are only there to make it visually appealing and adds to the enjoyment but i have to be having fun playing first and foremost.

PONTIAC08G8GT1734d ago

Finally an article that speaks the truth! Yes, having a nice looking game is great, but if the gameplay suffers then it wont be fun to play.

Compare Ryse and TF. Different games yes, but graphically Ryse is amazing looking. TF is good looking but that's about it. Ryse gameplay, everyone complained about quick time button events and gameplay was kind of boring. TF has amazing gameplay and people are loving it, reviewers are loving it.

arika1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

If ps4 and xbone have the same specs and price the graphics will not be an issue and it will be a matter of preference with first party games and brand loyalty, but since the ps4 is cheaper and more powerful, people most of the time go for the better deal. Also both console have great exclusives and third party games. So to conclude graphics matters if you can get it cheaper and better. Ps4 greatness awaits.

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ArchangelMike1734d ago

We had great gameplay last gen. If it was all about gameplay there would be no need for new 'next-gen' consoles.

If everyone was satisfied with last gen graphical fidelity, then no one would be buying multiplats on next-gen consoles at inflated prices. We still all be buying our games for last gen consoles.

Yes graphics matter - Just ask the PC Elitists!

Fireseed1734d ago

OH MY GOD! That straw man argument needs to DIE!!!

Well if gameplay is the only things that's important why aren't we sticking with 16 bit?!?!
Why did we move on from Atari!! HURRRRRRRRR

The constant improvement in console power is NOT just for graphical fidelity. But also to create new gameplay experiences. For example Dead Rising 1 couldn't be done on prvious consoles because they didn't have the power to put that much A.I. on screen which is a very intrinsic component to Dead Risings gameplay. We move to a next gen in hopes it gives us a gameplay experience never created before.

The leap between SNES and N64... yeah that wasn't just graphics, it also gave us this little thing called MOVING IN A 3 DIMENSIONAL PLANE... So while simpletons sit there and think next gen is simply for better graphics most well educated gamers understand we're looking for nex experiences.

fonger081734d ago

We're talking about graphics not neccessarily computing power adding in extra characters/enemies and better AI. Those two are also very important from generation to generation, but now you can have very complex 16 bit graphic like games with better AI and newer gameplay elements.

Godmars2901734d ago

By "last gen" are you talking about the PS3 and 360 where at the beginning of their cycles there were games with less content than the gen before?

Godmars2901734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Don't think AAA existed until the last, 7th, console generation.

Might have been a thing about "Pixar like graphics" when we got into PS2/Xbox/Dreamcast, but anyone with a bit of common sense knew that was a joke.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1734d ago

Have I been spiked? must check I'm awake....
Pinched myself, certainly seem to be awake...?

...this is N4G right?

If so, why are the first few comments logical and un-bias???

...Nah, defo must have been spiked!

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DanielGearSolid1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Ppl just keep using the graphics debate out of context (intentionally?) to make this same argument...

It's not like anyone is talking about the resolution of Ride to Hell Retribution...
These are games that ppl think will be fun.

Good gameplay is already established

In the case of Ps4 vs X1 resolution, good gameplay, which version looks the best? The choice is obvious

In the case of Watchdogs, if they showed the graphics they showed recently when they revealed the game I guarantee you the uproar would not be so big. ppl are disappointed in the DOWNGRADE, not the graphics in general

Obviously if somebody wants the best graphics they can go pc, but that doesn't stop a console gamer from picking the best option on a console

SpiralTear1734d ago

I can see the argument in comparing multi-platform games. It's when you're comparing games that are only on certain systems that the entire point in arguing graphics loses steam.

thezeldadoth1734d ago

rabid fanboys arguing over two consoles that only offer middle of the road graphics. slightly better than wii u, a good bit worse than PC. It'll go on for the next 5+ years and start over again with the new consoles.

I bet "gamers" spent more time last gen arguing over consoles than playing their favorite consoles.

Th3o1734d ago

slightly better that Wii.u?

First I would really learn how to get your idea across better, it took me reading what you wrote 3 times before I could completely understand what you were saying. Your trying to combine point form into sentences which makes your argument hard to understand.

Ps4/Xbox One are in a whole different category than Wii.U in terms of Power...the wii.U more closely resembles the Ps3/ please look up the specs before you argue.

In terms of game play I would say yes, gamers are putting a little too much emphasis on graphics but only because why upgrade?

I mean with ps3 and 360 we could have seen the same games but downed graphics and still be happy...Well that's not how it works.

There is this thing called immersion, and graphics are what bridges game play to it.

That being said, different art will work in different cases but the more horsepower you have the more chances to be creative there is. The problem is with the developers that think the extra power should be used for eye candy only instead of making truly amazing art forms.

Take a look at Journey the game for ps3. It's very simplistic and simply amazing art, but the game consumes a lot of power from the ps3 to the point where they didn't even think they could port it onto anything else. The process didn't make it better looking than let's say killzone 3 or Crysis made it more appealing and added more immersion. They used the tech to create a unique and beautiful environment without all the shine and grass of Crysis 3:P

So no graphics shouldn't matter, it's all about Art...but you need horse power to bring some of the wackiest art out for all to see:)

There are some games that would be no where without graphics...sports games, racing games and generally shooters only because they consistant of such rinse and repeat game play, and frankly haven't evolved much over the years. The reason I didn't add rpgs, strategies and others is because a gamer that looks at those games specifically isn't looking for cheap thrills (no insult intended), they are looking for deep game play:)

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