Top 10 Reasons NOT to Buy Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

If you haven't heard, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster releases on March 18, 2014 in North America. These are my top ten reasons why you shouldn't buy it.

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TheLyonKing1682d ago

Got to agree with him, makes sense haha

That has just made me more excited for it now.

raWfodog1682d ago

I think they should remake Legend of Dragoon. I would definitely buy that.

Magicite1682d ago

1 reason is enough to buy this game, yet theres hundreds of them. Praise the Final Fantasy!

Kingthrash3601682d ago

anyone else have the FFX piano riff intro music restarted in their head?
dear god it took year for that to leave my mind...only cure is to beat the game again...

christian hour1682d ago

"To Zanarkand".

I have Uematsu's entire music collection playing through my head every day. I miss the good old days of Final Fantasy, when it was still good and set in massive explorable worlds.

I think ffx-2 was the danger flag for me... then xii disappointed me so much and then... well less said about xiii the better. Versus-xiii is the only thing that can redeem the franchise for me, but thats been taking forever/recently gone multiplatform. I think that franchise may be over for me if XV cant live up to the psx and ps2 gen FF's.

Thank god we can still play hironobu sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu flavoured games at mistwalker :)Though... i havent seen much from them since Lost Odyssey (Which was definitely more final fantasy than actual final fantasy games on current gen :P)

I'm dying to get this HD collection, though I can happily skip over X-2 :)

rainslacker1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

lol. Nice satirical article with some nice cosplay action at the end.

Anyhow too late for me. SE sent out my collectors edition this morning, and I have the Vita and standard PS3 edition reserved at GS.

I still have the originals on the PS2. Two copies of each. One shrink-wrapped and One well played.

Guess you could call me a fan.:)

KrisButtar1682d ago

I'm not buying. I still own them on PS2

Hicken1681d ago

So do I. Still buying.

leahcim1682d ago

my VITA will have those beauty Jojimbo attacks on its beauty screen.

If you have not played this mastepiece, this is the time!

kayoss1682d ago

Good thing i read the article before bashing it. It was a very funny read. Everything he said are true.

AntoineDcoolette1682d ago

Yeah, the characters are too attractive and the games do have too much content and the cos players are way too dedicated D=

Funny read

Nerdmaster1682d ago

I wish it was a true remake. Even though I think that FFX is the greatest RPG ever made, I own the PS2 version and I can play it using an emulator. So the higher resolution isn't something new for me and the slight visual upgrade isn't enough to make me say "OMG, I want it now!".

Kingthrash3601682d ago

i hear there is alot of extras in the games

Nerdmaster1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

The "extras" are stuff that already were in the international version. The european PS2 version of FFX was already the international version. Since that is the version that I have, this HD remaster version of FFX doesn't bring anything new to me.

I never played the international version of FFX-2, so it's the only thing "new" for me in this HD remaster. But as much as I don't think X-2 deserves the hate it gets, it's nowhere near as good as X, so it still doesn't make this remaster an "OMG, I want it now!" thing.

EDIT: Well, there's an audio drama that's completely new, but until now I didn't find a single person that said it's that good. But I did find a lot of people saying that it's pretty bad and we should just ignore its existence.

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