EA Launches Titanfall Page To Help Solving Known Issues

To help customers solve some known issue and finally enjoy Respawn’s first person game to the fullest, EA has launched a new help page

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guitarded771733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Problem #1 == EA is involved in the game.

Seriously: Anyone know if the issues were in the beta as well?

lsujester1733d ago

Nothing like what is happening now. Origin has screwed me a couple of times. I had to do the campaign an extra time and a half because it didn't want to sync up. Also lost about five ranks because of the same thing.

Alex_Boro1733d ago

Classic EA releasing unfinished games.

annus1733d ago

Yeah, this must be the first ever piece of software in history that is released with bugs...

jmc88881733d ago

No, but if it didn't have bugs it would be the first EA release not to for a long time.

Over the past 13 months we've had; Sim City (one of the poorest game launches ever), BF4 (clusterf at launch..still fun though..also still broken), Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (connection errors at launch), and now Titanfall's bugs.

Not to mention some issues with Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3.

NBA Live and Madden 25 on PS4/XB1 looking like PS2/OG Xbox at 1080p. But those weren't bugs of course.

Wasn't there something up with Fifa14 as well?

...and of course the previous couple of years were bad too.

annus1733d ago

Almost all the problems you have named have been network problems, and unfortunately that's just how it is. No companies use enough servers for a massive bloat of users when it drops down to far, far less in a few days. That would be a total waste of money. It's the same reason WoW goes down almost every single time a major patch or expansion releases.

And games looking like crap is the developers fault, not the publisher.

The only real thing I would agree with you in is that BF4 was totally screwed at launch, which I think was EA and Dices fault trying to get to much out in too little time to gobble up all that money they were guaranteed just for releasing it, regardless of quality.

Bigpappy1733d ago

It is a good idea to block Kinect voice chat in multi-player. Too much noise in some households.