The ten best PS4 games available now

If you're one of the six million gamers who bought the PlayStation 4 within the first three months of the console's life, you're probably eager to get the best out of your new games system.

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SonyStyled1684d ago

i personally didnt like tomb raider on ps3. it was just missing the element that makes uncharted pop. it wasnt a bad game by any means though aside form the multiplayer

malokevi1684d ago

Barring multiplats, I would say Warthunder. Considering that I dont have a PC, that is.

AnEwGuY1684d ago

This list just serves to underline what an underwhelming launch the X1 and PS4 have had thus far. Without 3rd party multiplats, there would hardly be anything thing to play this first few months. Sadly, I played 8 of those 10 on my PC already, with no desire to go back to any of them on a different platform, with inferior performance.

RondoMachete1684d ago

One game missing Killzone Shadow Fall,great launch title and great FPS love it.