Hearthstone Officially launches, and it's free

Blizzard's digital turn based card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has finally left its beta stage and is now moving into the public realm as the title was officially released in the late hours of last night. The title will be available on PC and Mac before making the jump to android and IOS devices later this year.

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Choc_Salties1779d ago

I haven't played it much, but what I've seen of it, it is a breathtakingly complex game, yet very easy to get to grips with. Easy to learn, hard to master, real cool!

Jdoki1779d ago


If you are after a few tips there are loads of websites, but I would say...

- Don't spend 100 Gold on individual packs. Instead save up another 50G and do an Arena run instead. This will teach you about deck building and how to play effectively; plus you will always get a pack of cards even if you lose 3 games in a row, and you will always get some other little perks - like some Dust or Gold, or even a card. And if you win 7 games in an Arena run you will get at least 150G back, so that's a 'free' pack of cards.

- Make sure you log in every day to get your daily Quest (up to 3 total). And if you have a low value quest (40G reward) consider discarding it, as a replacement quest may be worth 60G or 100G

- Make sure you level every character up to 10 to unlock all the Basic cards for your decks

- Once you are familiar with all the Heroes, consider focusing on two or three Heroes and building good decks for each. And for those Heroes you are not playing, consider Disenchanting the Expert cards you have for them for Dust, which will allow you to craft cards for your main Heroes.

- Craft the useful General cards before specific Hero cards

- Don't worry about what meta game is going on this week. Cards come in and drop out of favour regularly, so trying to either be part of the meta, or combat the meta is fun but pointless if it causes you to spend real money trying to get this weeks favourite card. (For example. Tinkmaster and Pagle were really common cards a few days ago and Pagle alone would cost 1600 Dust to craft. Blizz saw this and nerfed both cards, so their use will drop massively in the next few days)

- View your Life Points as just another resource, like Mana. (For example, it may be better to clear an enemy Minion using a Weapon and taking some damage, rather than trade your Minions if it leaves you in a strong position on the board - but be aware of stuff like a Mage's Pyroblast (10 damage spell for 10 Mana) or Fireballs (6 damage spell for 4 Mana)


schmoe1779d ago

LOVEing this title, not ashamed to say that I am addicted.

Jdoki1779d ago

Been playing since closed beta, and it is an awesome game.

Even with 'only' 300 or so cards there is enough depth and variety to please any CCG or LCG player. There are some Legendary cards which are really useful to have in your deck - but overall this is not Pay to Win. You can happily play this game for Free, but with a small outlay every month (perhaps view it as an MMO subscription) you will get more enjoyment.

One thing that did amuse me about this launch is the press release on the Blizz website. The 'disclaimer' about the risks of forward looking statements is about twice as long as the actual announcement of the game. Ridiculous!