Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is Only 3.82 GB On The PlayStation 4

Not too big considering that the game can pack in 8-10 hours of gameplay.

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FRAKISTAN1684d ago

Well the MGS fans such as myself could not wait for the Next-Gen MGS so here it is, LOL

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authentic1684d ago

It's not really next gen since it is a cross gen game.

morganfell1684d ago

It is next gen on the PS4...

KillerPwned1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

The PS4 edition does have a weather simulation engine that is not available in any other platforms. If anything the PS4 edition is closest to Next Gen then Xbox One - No fanboy intended.

whitefang19881684d ago

Would someone mind telling me what sets mgs apart from other games please? I had a go once with mgs2 but that's it I just never got into them for some reason I felt because I never played the first I didn't really know who the characters were, but I'd love to give it another try for the new gen.

GrandpaSnake1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

i cant believe gamers like you exist, kojima has been innovating with every single game he has released for every generation since nintendo and has evolved with the rest of the games from 2d to what you see now. I cant justify the pricetag but i can say that almost every metalgear game has always offered a bit more when it came down to game mechanics and character actions. Paired off with great story usually its worth it. support it even more if you own a xbox.

whitefang19881684d ago

I own both, but I'd be getting it on ps4. gamers like me lol its just about the only game I never got into, seriously, if you saw my games list its just I never felt I knew who the characters were because I didn't follow it from the start. I got a ps3 pretty late (around god of war3) tried to back track the exclusives I'd missed, I tried mgs4 I just didn't know the people, I suppose it felt like if someone would have jumped in to mass effect on the 3rd game.
It will be my first metal gear game that I'll play when it actually releases and not later. I know it invented a lot of the stealth aspects to games I just always played splinter cell back in the day.

Edvin19841684d ago

I used to be a huge MGS fan, but after playing through MGS4 on PS3 I really grew tired of the games. The thing is there is lots of good tech, and some very deep story telling; however, the games are not games any more rather 45-90min cutsceens with 25-60 min gameplay.

MGS on PSX was phenominal in my oppinion, and number 2 had an interesting marketing stunt which was cool. However, after that it really started wearing out on me. If you own a playstation and can get the original MGS its worth playing through even today. Maybe you'' get the MGS fever, but I grew tired of it, and will get this with PS+ down the road.

Becuzisaid1684d ago

These are some of the best games ever made. You might be lost playing ground zeroes if you don't play mgs 3 first and at least watch cutscenes online of peace walker. There's a lot of tie in to those 2 games. And if you really have time play the mgs for ps1. Most people believe that main characters from this game will resurface in phantom pain.

DOMination-1684d ago

It would bw very hard to get into now. At this point the story is so convoluted because each game adds more and more crap to them that was never originally intended. Unsless you spend a day learning about literally 30 characters that look the same and all have similar names then don't bother - the games are about the story and if you don't get it you won't enjoy it as much.

If you can be arsed to learn about it tthen go for it because they have all been amazing games so far.

ybadr1684d ago

Yo whitefang, if you want to love MGS you really need to play the first MGS. It's true that the gameplay is great but the true charm of MGS,imo, is the story . Man those characters are so deep, the story telling is so rich, so complex, so catchy.I have really very enjoyable memories with this saga.

whitefang19881684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Thanks for the advice people, I knew I'd probably have to start at the beginning. Just out of interest do you think I could get away with a YouTube MGS catch up vid?
Bubbles up for ybadr, domination, becuzisaid, Edvin, gsnake

Aleithian1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Play MGS1 (the PS1 game). Give it a try, and then think about how innovative it was for its time and how great the story is. Then, if you are impressed, replay MGS2 and give MGS3 a try. People can try to express what is great about the series, try to justify it, and so on, but as with everything in life you'll have to give it a genuine and honest shot yourself in order to appraise its value. Maybe it won't click for you - I've know people who don't like it. But I think the series is one of the best ever made, for my part. MGS is cheap these days, so give it a try. I think its worth it, and so do others. If that's worth about $5 and 15-20 hours of your time, then go for it. :)

EDIT: Regarding the Youtube question, I recommend you stay away from it. MGS has a story that you need to experience first hand. Like I said, it's cheap. And its a damn fun game too.

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BX811684d ago

This will be my first major jump back into MG. Getting it on xb1, hope it's worth the price tag.

Edvin19841684d ago

Well you will set the value bar once you've played it. I mean did you enjoy it enough and can your replay it a few times. I mean if you go out on a date now of days you'd pay $30 bucks in total for movie tickets for a 90 min CGI crap fest lol.(Lego movie was bad ass though)

MonstaTruk1684d ago

Getting it for Xbox One? Why would you pay the same price as a 1080p version, but for 720p resolution? Unless...that's your only option? And if that's the case... :-/

BX811684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

@edvin. You know I hear a lot of people justify prices for things and in the end that's all it is. Some gamers don't see the value in this game because of the length but I personally have over paid for food at sporting events or places like sea world. From the footage I've seen it looks like fun so I'm ready to dive in
@monsta I have a ps4 but I favor the xbox controller and xbl more. You seem to let a number like 1080p decide for you and that's fine its your money and you have certain likes and dislikes when you game. For me its not about the 1080p its about the comfort of the system I play on. I really got my ps4 for games like uncharted and the order. My ps4 hasn't been on in a week. Its just what I like.

asyouburn1684d ago

Not just 1080p, but dynamic weather system absent on xbone

BX811684d ago

@asyouburn it's what ever you like man. Stuff like that adds to immersion and is great for games.

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Lior1684d ago

theres no such thing as next gen, would you call a new iPhone next gen? or a new tv?

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Nero13141684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

What about the xbone ?

die_fiend1684d ago

Xbone is 1.91GB. Half the size due to half the pixels

Edvin19841684d ago

Is this true? If so ill get it on Xbox, as my PS4 HDD is rather full after Infamous and I got a little bit of space left on X1. We need that USB patch Sony/MS to upgrade our HDD storage.

DOMination-1684d ago

Or you could just delete content? If you're getting infamous you probably aren't going to play crap like knack or killzone again, not to be rude.

Unreal011684d ago


Haha brilliant. I don't know what's funnier, your comment or the dude underneath asking if it's true.

Zefros1684d ago

Got this very cheap because of a friend. Can't wait to play this and Infamous: second son.

Lowsnamebrand1684d ago

Getting both of these games from my girl for my birthday I should be strait on games for alil bit with all the side missions and deja vu in GZ, the good and evil campaigns in SS and dead nation on the side

higgins781684d ago

This I'm afraid to say will be quite the sobering feeling. I'm almost certain Ground Zeroes will be more MGS4 as opposed to MGS3, also I'm expecting Second Son to play largely similar (obviously) to Infamous 1 & 2 i.e solid but VERY unspectacular.

My advice - based on my experiences - buy a Wii U, DONT listen to the propaganda circling based largely on people who haven't even play one let alone owned - the only true way to get a feeling for a console. I feel positive in saying 2014 will be Nintendo's year to show us the true 'next gen' games.

DOMination-1684d ago

I don't want to be rude but I'm going to be anyway. Nintendo are the kings of "solid but unspectacular". Come back and troll when Nintendo take some risks and innovate like Sony does.

Clown_Syndr0me1684d ago

Lol I read that as 3.82 GBP. I was thinking "WHAAAAT!?".

Crazyglues1684d ago

LMAO... you and me both... I was looking at it and for some reason I thought money, I thought the store messed up...

I was ready to turn my PS4 on in a heartbeat and download it quick before they fix the price, back to 20 bucks... LoL

They I realize, No that's the size.. ahhhhh... LoL

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MegaRay1684d ago

Infamous bloody dlc is larger than that

abzdine1684d ago

nice, i might buy the digital version then