Nintendo: A Tale of Wacky Controllers

Of all the consoles, Nintendo has had the wackiest controllers. Gamer Debates takes notice.

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PoSTedUP1684d ago

hahahaha. so true!! i loved nintendos controllers but thats a funny way of putting it. hah.

Benjaminkno1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Who wants 20 years of the same control scheme? The Ps4 controller still emulates the SNES button layout. That controller will never change.
I'd love to see that controller split apart much like the Wii wand, save the extra analogue stick. Your hands don't need to be close together anymore.

I still like the gamecube controller, which was also adopted by MS, with some minor changes.

Ofthingsmanmade1684d ago

Very true. I loved the GameCube controller. Ah, those L and R buttons :D lol

MASTER_RAIDEN1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

you want to know who wants the same controller style after 20 years?
i dont know about you, but i turn on my console/pc to play video games, NOT to play the controller. when you have a design that works (like playstation and xbox have had), theres no need to make unnecessary changes in design. enhancements are great, but when you have something that works, why overhaul it? thats like asking a basket ball player if he ever gets tired of playing with a basketball after all these years. the fun is in the game of basketball, not the ball itself.

NOT saying nintendo makes bad controllers, but the "at least its new" argument means nothing.

Vegamyster1683d ago

"you want to know who wants the same controller style after 20 years?

All of Nintendo controllers tried something different and worked well.

fonger081683d ago

First off what does "play the controller" even mean? The controller scheme can always be improved, if console makers stick to the same layout or even just the same controller itself. Without change you don't have the 4 button layout, the trigger buttons, analogue sticks, rumble, touch pad, share button, I could go on but you get the point. You sound like a bitter old man not wanting change...

Also as a basketball former basketball, we love the feel and touch of different basketballs from the indoor synthetic leather to cheap outdoor rubber.

Concertoine1683d ago

I dont think MS really adopted it, the xbox and gamecube controllers were developed side by side most likely.
I know MS were really working with SEGA and the xbox controller basically looks just like the dreamcast with the same button layout, just an extra stick slapped on. Early on they were even including backwards compatibility with the dreamcast on xbox. So i think MS got their controller layout more from SEGA. (Also the 6 button layout is reminiscent of the saturn).

Benjaminkno1683d ago

It's way more like Gamecube now than it is like the original Xbox, in my opinion. I havent held the XB1 yet though. It looks different.

Metallox1683d ago

GameCube controller it's the best in my opinion. It just fits naturally in your hands. The only problem was that C-Stick, but it was good for games like Pikmin.

AKR1683d ago

Never really tried any of the controllers from before the N64 era. Then again, I haven't played the N64 from since I was about 4 so..I can't really include it in my list.

But I rank it like this:

Wii U Gamepad - 1st.
Wii Remote + Nunchuk - 2nd.
GC Controller - 3rd.

The reason I ranked the GC controller last, isn't because it's a bad controller. Nope, on the contrary, I love it. I prefer to use it in some guys over the Wii Remote. But I love the innovation and sheer fun the Wii Remote has when used correctly.

The Wii U Gamepad is by far the best, in my opinion. It's a big dude, but, it's so lightweight and ergonomic, it's almost scary to think how on earth Nintendo was able to balance that out. That touchscreen is beastly when used correctly, and Off-TV Play is something that I wished existed eons ago. This thing is so handy; I really can't see myself NOT playing with a second-screen from now on. It just fits, when in the hands of the right developers.

Nintendo is totally weird. They do almost everything different from their competitors, and even though they get bashed for it, at the end of the day; their games are still high-rated in both review AND user-score, they make boat-loads of cash, and a lot of developers recognize them as being a text-book example of a good game-creation team.

marloc_x1683d ago

☆NES Advantage for this guy ☆

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