Titanfall Is a Big Test of Microsoft's Cloud Vision

Pedro Hernandez writes:
oday's launch of Titanfall, a major title for the Xbox One console (also available for Windows PCs and on the Xbox 360 later this month), is not only a big milestone for Microsoft's latest video game machine, it will also test the mettle of the company's Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

Although Titanfall is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by video game giant EA, Microsoft is providing the cloud servers that power the multiplayer, first-person shooter's AI combatants. It's a tactic that frees up local computing resources, enabling the game to deliver a fluid, fast-paced experience that has won raves from the gaming press and helped the game score generally favorable reviews.

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1677d ago
n4rc1677d ago

28ms with no issues connecting or finding a match..

No complaints so far.. They've been rock solid

2pacalypsenow1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Arent all servers Cloud based?? The cloud is just a marketing name for Server?

Edit meant to add comment but replied by mistake

Skate-AK1677d ago

I would say the other way around. Every cloud is server based. So yeah it's just a server.

JBSleek1677d ago

Not all servers are cloud based but the cloud can have virtual servers.

Cloud and servers aren't mutually exclusive and it would depend on how they are used. For example in Titanfall they are used for A.I. along with matchmaking but that's no always the case.

malokevi1677d ago

"cloud" isn't a marketing term. It's more of a IT term that has been brought into the mainstream as an easy way to describe a bunch of servers. At my workplace we have a server room which we describe as our "cloud". It's just an easier way to describe the server banks. Nothing manipulative or seeded about it, as many people around here seem to think.

But yes, it's quite literally just servers.

However, just because you have a server doesn't mean your "cloud" is on par with the "clouds" being developed by major IT corporations. Microsoft, Amazon and Google have server installations with up/down speeds, capacity, and fluidity that dwarf anything that could be matched by public or small-scale private operations. So when people generalize and say "well, anyone can have servers, cloud is all BS"... that's just a drastic oversimplification. In other words: Spin.

It takes serious money to put something like this into practice, and there is serious potential for us as gamers. We really shouldn't be taking this lightly, or trying to spin it negatively, because the implications are fantastic for us.

Godmars2901677d ago

To be honest, its too early to be gauging the value of their cloud servers.

MS never should have made immediate claims. No one should be expecting out of it within the first year. Six months at the least.

Pandamobile1677d ago

Haven't they already demonstrated the value of their servers with Titan Fall? It's probably the most stable multiplayer game I've played while.

Godmars2901677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Except stability wasn't the only thing they promised. They're still saying, or their supports are, that they can improve graphics and all else.

Pandamobile1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Graphics? Are you really taking those marketing and PR spins seriously?

You could maybe offload some rendering calculations, like global illumination or something that's not latency intensive, and not particularly data-heavy. That's one way to do it.

They could also free up the CPU from doing things too. Like in Titan Fall, all the AI is handled on the server's side, so that everyone in the match gets consistent AI routines and everyone's games are synchronized. This would be very difficult to do if every client was doing its own AI calculations.

Surely you can see the value in what Microsoft is doing with their huge server clusters. This is the "cloud". It's a broad marketing term used to describe freeing up people's local machines from doing some sort of task. The sooner you guys realize this, the sooner we can stop explaining this ad nauseam.

Godmars2901677d ago

Its excuse to get everyone online and paying for XBL Gold. Not that everyone who can actually afford a console and a subscription have online access. Not that MS cared much less was aware of such things.

Part of the always online DRM issue was how oblivious to minority circumstances to their plan, and that obliviousness still shows after all this time.

Its also the damn corporate mindset of "get it done cause I want it so" regardless of situation and resources. So again, of course PR shills are going to say *they* can deliver all promised benefits *now* despite the programmers and engineers actually doing the work need months more.

Pandamobile1677d ago

So what's the big deal then? Of course Microsoft are trying to push people online, that's where the market is heading. The connected experience is what the Xbox One is all about.

Some customers will get left behind in the transition, it's only natural. But those likely weren't the customers that were spending money in the first place, so it's not a huge loss for Microsoft. On the other hand, people that are online and engaged in the platform's offerings are far more likely to spend money, and continue to spend money for the lifetime of the platform.

Godmars2901677d ago

"Some customers will get left behind in the transition"

No. No its not. Merchants should not have more right than consumers.

Yes, a business should be able to say, "I don't like how you're acting in my store, you're being very rude please leave." But a company should not have the right to say - as law - "You will use my product in this exact fashion after buying this other associative product, which we also retain right to after selling it."

What's been going on since AT&T locked iPhones to their signal, the cable company monopolies, has been them securing revenue and profits at our expense.

In other words: I should not *need* online access and XBL subscription besides to play a single player game. Single player games should not being going away because MS and EA can't justify subscriptions for them besides other fees much less production cost over multiplayer gaming.

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VanguardOfCalamity1677d ago

It will be nice to see how the cloud can add different elements - I'm still unsure what is actually possible through the cloud though.. Maybe Titanfall can give us some good examples. Of course I'm playing on PC - do we get cloud too? XD

oldskoolgamer7021677d ago

thats one thing i can say. those servers are fast and hearty!!! lol

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