The Microsoft Marketing Genius That Sold You on a $120 Game

VGN Author writes: March will be a huge month for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Titanfall has turned into a huge deal thanks to the marketing genius of Microsoft.

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techologie1682d ago

This is a very good point. While many gamers know that this game NEEDS Live to play, many parents may not know this.

Chupa-Chupa1682d ago

Yup. Saw a few parents at Best Buy with the same issue. By default with a game like this (online only) a 3 month xbox live card should be added with the game. At the very least.

techologie1682d ago

Or at least a 1 month card. I think the game comes with a 48 hour card

abzdine1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

kinda silly to buy a multiplayer only game with no online subscription especially if you own an xbox since you need to pay for all.
i don't see this as a MS scam, i think consumers are not smart for not buying the right thing after all these years.

jetlian1682d ago

well get use to it destiny and devision online too. I'm sure a lot more games will be this way. also live has been 40 for awhile now.

mcarsehat1682d ago

can people in America not get any deals?

My Titanfall on Xbox one was £37 and my live was £23.

If people check the internet they could find live for $40 somewhere.

PONTIAC08G8GT1682d ago

I bought a 12 month for $34.99 on eBay. Xbox ran a special back in November I think it was for $39.99. The back of the game says it needs a connection so I think people need to read.

The one thing I don't like about this article, it's making it out to sound like you have to pay $120 just for this game and that's not true. I would say the majority of X1 owners already have a Live subscriptions. It's a small percentage of those who actually have to buy a subscription when picking up the game.

antz11041682d ago

@ Pontiac,

Very true but the problem with people today is they want things RIGHT NOW and dont want to take the time to search for deals and order things online where they are cheaper. Sadly most will pay full price.

Then again if people get to release day with Titanfall and didn't know it was multi only, maybe they should do some research before buying.

GearSkiN1682d ago

Shoot I'd be happy if I was the kid, heck yea mom got me online too!!

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Charybdis1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Well played Microsoft. If you own an Xbox you know that you will need Xbox live to play games online, watch netflix etc. Steady stream of Xbox income for Microsoft, lower pricing free stuff/months would be appreciated Microsoft. Pricing could definitely be better or maybe just give some months with the game.

Consider that if they play the game for 2 year it is an 180 dollar game. If it takes 3 years for a sequal it is an 240 game. Well unless you buy it cheaper if you buy multiple games you might need to devide the number or subtract from it.

FragMnTagM1682d ago

I don't get how this only applies to Microsoft...

Sony charges to play online as well...


Plus you only pay once for ALL games. You make it seem as if though you have to pay for EACH game, lol.

Sitdown1682d ago

In addition, if you are in the US and still paying $60 for live, something might just be wrong with you.. even recently you could get live from the Microsoft store for $40.

BG115791682d ago

True, but most games for the Ps4 can be played on stand alone.
There's no need for online in the case.
To have a choice is a good thing.

PONTIAC08G8GT1682d ago

Um, Playstation requires a membership to play games online too. Your not paying for a subscription just to play Titanfall online. You get all the benefits that come with it and the ability to play tons of other online games.

Lets not make this out to be "it costs $120 to play titanfall for a year, $180 for two, etc etc." Your able to play ALL your games online.

Most games for the X1 can be played on stand alone too. Not sure what your getting at.

CerebralAssassin1682d ago

Most gamers have xbl anyway. Its multiplayer only. This is just a twist on the point of the sub.

J-R1682d ago

For those talking about the Playstation subscription...
As far as I can tell by the current and upcoming releases Sony does not require a PS+ subscription for "online only" games.

Baka-akaB1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

"Um, Playstation requires a membership to play games online too. "

Sure but not all games . Wich may seems ridiculous and a detail , but also not , depending on how you position yourself .

I know that at least in between Plus subscriptions renewals and fresh out of trials codes , and with funds being used elsewhere , i could still play online a few stuff for 2 weeks and most of all still access every rental and trading services without that peculiar paywall .

It's limited , and only a cruth , but what a nice one to have when in need ...

Now i believe Titanfall would be only usable under a paywall on ps4

Qdog1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I thought it was already well known that all free 2 play and online only games don't require a PlayStation plus subscription. Also Netflix and any of the other subscription based streaming services dont require a PlayStation plus sub. Sony basically says that it's the developer's choice to place their software behind a plus subscription.

antz11041682d ago

@ Qdog and J-R

If you plan on playing anything online on PS4 you will need a PS+ subscription. Considering everyone is talking about the XOne version right now, thats what its getting compared to.

Qdog1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

@ Antz

That's just not true though with online only games and I think I know why. Sony left it up to the developers and if they are trying to get you to subscribe to their servers, why would they want a piece of their pie to go to Sony for a plus subscription. Again all f2p and online only games have not required a PlayStation plus subscription to play on PS4. Only single player games with a multiplayer component require a subscription. This whole paywall thing just seems like another way to nickel and dime the consumer and extract more profit from something you've already paid for. Essentially consumers are paying for the cost of development as well as server maintenance as well as the ISP cost. MS should bundle a broadband service with XB Live so that it at least makes sense.

ExCest1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

That's because those games (not all but...) already have their own paywall (they're MMO's with fees).

antz11041682d ago

@ QDog

Thats just not true at all. If you plan on gaming online on a PS4, you have to pay for it. Thats a fact.

I dont see Titanfall as nickel and diming: you go online, you have to pay. Its not like they're telling you up front theres going to be microtranscations. If this game was on PS4 the exact same thing would be happening, and you'd be paying to play.

Qdog1682d ago

Last time I'll post on this, if you don't get it with factual proof then you just won't get it.

I'm playing DC Universe online right now after watching Dexter on Netflix without a Plus subscription. Warfarame, DCUO, and all other free2play and online only games DO NOT require a Plus subscription. This place is thick with numbskulls, shills, and disinformation.

mediate-this1682d ago

Your logic fails horribly, as if in that meantime that person will only play t.f,

BG115791682d ago

@Pontiac That's the trap. Not Titanfall.
They give the game with the console, but to enjoy it you need Xbox live...

BoriboyShoGUN1682d ago

@ Antz yeah you're completely wrong dude. If its free to play you dont need the PS Plus service like DCUO, Warframe, etc. Now if Titanfall was on the PS4 yes you would need the plus service seeing how it was'nt free!!

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No_Limit1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Wait a minute, if this game wasn't exclusive to MS and is also available on the PS4 at launch, will Sony also be known as marketing geniuses because you also now need PSN+ to play online on the PS4 as well? Just curious.

FragMnTagM1682d ago

Beat me to it. Hypocrisy is rampant on this site. If MS does something whether good or bad it is evil. If Sony does something that is good or bad it will be spun as good no matter what.

sinspirit1682d ago

No. Because, Sony already gives plenty incentive to buy PS+. Live struggles to justify itself.

Major_Glitch1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Uh no. I can play f2p games without plus. And you're kidding yourselves if you think Live = Plus. Anyone that has both could easily tell you the difference.

antz11041682d ago

@ sins and Major

he never said they were even. He said if you were able to play Titanfall on PS4 you would need an online subscription. Thats true.

LoveOfTheGame1682d ago

No one thinks Live = Plus, one is a subscription and the other is an online ecosystem.

I feel it is best described by this logic:
Live > PSN
Plus > Gold

Overall Live is better at what it is intended for, but Plus kills Gold in value with the free games.

Hicken1681d ago

Name another online-only game on PlayStation(3 or 4) that requires Plus to play.

I'll wait.

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MonstaTruk1682d ago

Yep. Another generation of the old "bait and switch" routine by Microsoft. Well, you guys might not have seen/understood how they did business last gen, I get that. Now you KNOW what's going on. If you signed up for seconds of that type of practice, then...*smh*

antz11041682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Lol, Its an online game. If it was on PS4 you'd be expected to have PS PLus. Whatever your view on the subject from this new gen forward on consoles you're going to have to pay to play online.

Rebo001682d ago

Yes, if it was on PS4 you'd need PSPlus to play it online.
But you don't need PSPlus to play all games online which you don't seem to be grasping.

Magicite1682d ago

and MS effed up u guys again

gamer78041682d ago

If you pay over 40$ for live you are doing it wrong

dlocsta1682d ago

The boards seem like the people in them are getting dumber and dumber. So is that the case with Sony when Destiny is released? In Destiny you will have to have an internet connection to play single player and now with the PS4 you have to pay for multiplayer, so is it the same thing? Neither company is duping anyone. Think for half a second before you start to post comments people.

BoriboyShoGUN1682d ago

I'm on the PS4 but if you buy a game and don't do the proper research its on you! Hell I don't even own the console and I know its 6 vs 6 online only!!!

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Chupa-Chupa1682d ago ShowReplies(5)
hiredhelp1682d ago

Well i bought for origin no subscription bought fast2play for £27 I'm happy

jackanderson19851682d ago

by looking hard you'd find it for cheap????, i found it for $47 in less than 30 seconds and that wasn't even trying.... as for titanfall they've put it on the back of the box (or the side & back if you got the console bundle edition) that states you need gold for it....also available on PC which doesn't need it.

so to sum it up if you buy it without realizing it needs gold it's entirely your fault, it's marked on the boxes and a quick google/bing/yahoo search will reveal the fact it's always online and as such will need xbox live gold

fattyuk1682d ago

Parents buying this for the kids won't pay any attention to what's n the box.

jackanderson19851682d ago

yep that's why i said if you buy it without realizing it's entirely your fault.... wouldn't buy any other good without making sure u had everything required why should a game be different

mhunterjr1682d ago

Yah, well parents should be paying attention to what their kids are doing... if they don't know, it's their own fault.

nohopeinc1682d ago

Obviously they won't because a parent probably shouldn't buy this for a kid. I mean what do these parents want, another CoD situation to happen where we have spin tryouts and high pitched voices screaming about vaginas after every kill? No thank you parents take it back please.

I need a good speller to explain how vaginas is misspelled?

elninels1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

@jackanderson1985 (is that your name and DOB???)

And you expect parents, aunts, uncles, nongamers and the like to know that? Is this information part of their ads or commercials? Don't unequivocally blame people for purchases that which require other purchases that they may not have been aware of.

jackanderson19851682d ago

no it's neither just one of my internet pseudonyms name isn't even close to it ha keeps all my accounts on different sites separate

And it's on the box, been mentioned on adverts (well Ireland anyways as that's my only reference)and is well documented all over the web.... would you buy a car without checking it out? it's not like it was a hidden fact that it's an online only game, requires XBLG to play (on the consoles) and that XBL requires a sub.

had their been no mention of it anywhere then yeah it'd be shady but not if it's in black/white on the actual box u pick up

FragMnTagM1682d ago

This argument is really stupid.

So you would buy a car and not expect to put gas in it? This is about the equivalent to that.

It costs money to provide a service. Therefore, someone has to pay for it..

I do agree that they should not put some things behind a paywall and maybe they should offer some more stuff ala Playstation Plus, but the Live argument really is redundant.

Ank6661682d ago

This is a really fail logic
Most of the guys who'll buy this game are Multiplyer audiences

Coming out of Halo,CoD & BF
They already had XBL on 360 & carried it over to XBone

Non Multiplyer gamers who don't play online games regurly are not exactly the ones who'll buy this game

No_Limit1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Well said and makes too much sense for this thread.

MeteorPanda1682d ago

l have a ps4, not interested in buying a xbone ever and l agree, what the heck is everyone arguing about >.>