Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick receives $7.85 million bonus

Zorine Te writes:
Activision Blizzard chief executive officer Bobby Kotick has received a $7.85 million cash bonus for his performance last year, authorised by the company's board compensation committee.

Reported on GamesIndustry, the bonus marks a large increase from Kotick's $2.5 million bonus granted in 2012. The Activision Blizzard CEO's base salary was also increased to $2.1 million last year.

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ArbitorChief1777d ago ShowReplies(1)
Godmars2901777d ago

The details that need to be known is how much did Activision the company pull in overall for the year. Whether or not these raises are justified.

fenome1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

There really is no justification though, regardless of how you look at it. That's why the economy is so f*ked and people are flipping out. It's always fatcats sittin' back making the dividends and acting like they're calling the shots when real people are making their money for 'em and struggling with real world problems.

In every industry, this is what it is. They get paid like the only reason this 'Thing' was created was because I told them to do it. Actual talent isn't what gets paid, but if you 'found them' or 'supported them' then they're in your pocket. It's all politics, it's bulls*t. That 'bonus' for ONE year, for ONE guy is the equivalent of the entire funding for ONE game. Who knows how much his boss gets? There's always another boss getting paid..

Corporations control our economy, it all gets funneled up top. That's why 1% of the population controls 99% of the wealth. That's exactly what's wrong with EVERYTHING. We all live in a sweat shop, unless you're THIS GUY, and there are a bunch of THIS GUY; 1% of the population apparently...

RavageX1776d ago

I feel that we(meaning the US mostly) need to start doing something about the crap that goes on.

Look at how congress messes about, look at all the BS that companies get away with...barely paying livable wages while raking in large profits.

Yeah, we complain for a bit then get distracted about which celeb wore what dress,what happened last night on the latest reality show and all sorts of other nonsense that does NOT MATTER.

It just doesn't make sense.

MRMagoo1231776d ago

I cant even believe the money he gets lol , he gets paid enough in 1 year for someone with common sense to live on for their entire life, then he gets a near to $8 million bonus ffs. The world is crazy when this crap happens. Then Devs say that the games industry doesnt make enough money ....... maybe they should all share that 8 million around to the ppl that actually do the work.

If i had to describe that bonus and his yearly salary in one word it would be "disgusting"

fenome1776d ago

For real though, must be nice to WIN THE LOTTERY every single year, right???

CerealKiller1776d ago

This guy is the CEO of a 14.67 Billion Dollar company.
Unlike popular belief, the rich don't "control" the wealth. Its not like Bobby Kotick keeps all his money in a vault in his basement. Instead that money is invested and gets lent out to people and businesses. How do you think the banks can let you buy a house, car, or anything on a credit card without having the money for it? That is how the economy works. If you think corporations make a lot of money I have good news for you, you can invest in them and share in their success.

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CerealKiller1776d ago

Period Ending Dec 31, 2013

Total Revenue 4,583,000,000
Gross Profit 3,052,000,000
Operating Income 1,372,000,000
Net Income 1,010,000,000

fenome1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

In other words, they made a killing.

How much went to games and how much went to CEOs, that's the real question here right?

They make their money from games, so how much money do they give to people actually making games?

I might be putting my foot in my mouth here, but what's the last game Bobby Kotick made?

Just saying..

Nice on the actual figures @CerealKiller!!

fenome1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Oh, cool, so what you're saying is that he's using his cash bonus to finance my car huh?

You can spin it how you want, this dude tucks up his tie and flies on a private jet to his 'vacation house' in the Bahamas with the rest of them. Our money is invested in them, it's not the other way around. You're actually defending this? lol

I'm bubbled out, but please, you can't argue that our economy is corrupt. Look what just happened a couple years ago when bankers ran off with like 8 billion dollars worth of our deficit.

What happened with that? Mortgage rates suddenly raised to unreasonable rates and people got kicked out of their houses so that the banks could sell them for the money they took. lol

It's all politics man..

BOLO1777d ago

Wonder what his plans are against the Titanfall onslaught from EA.

Soldierone1776d ago

They started advertising Destiny with Sony yesterday. Saw 3 commercials for it, and it doesn't even release for another few months

OrangePowerz1776d ago

That's true I have seen a lot more Destiny ad's on TV compared to Titanfall.

jonboi241776d ago

Sell more COD and Skylanders, same plan every year.

Summons751776d ago


OT: this guy doesn't deserve this much money. He provides nothing good for the gaming industry and most of his comments are completely uncaring and out of touch with the gaming community.

pompombrum1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

He doesn't provide anything good for the game industry in the eyes of gamers but in the eyes of the shareholders, on his watch a lot of good things happened. I can't say I like the guy but he's certainly not out of touch with anything as under him, they popularized or created some of the newer standard practices in the industry in recent years.

dcbronco1776d ago

Breeze is right on the shareholders. Kotick managed to chase out the people who would have been given a large share of that CoD money when most of IW left. Less to share means he can pay himself more.

OrangePowerz1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Well while he was in charge he did get the company from the bottom to the top and like or hate CoD a lot of what CoD did found it's ways into other games like Titanfall.

They got bought by Vivendi and in the end endedbup with owning Blizzard that's certainly not a business deal and that's what his money is based on. Better than other CEOs who run companies into the ground and receive money for it or those ban managers who lost billions and still get a golden handshake.


I don't think the IW people are innocent when being accused of working with EA and directly after they got fired open a studio and sign up with EA as their partner.

LackTrue4K1776d ago

that can buy a lot of 99cent taco's from Jack-n-box!!

zaz121776d ago

I hate Jack-n-box!but you deserve a bubble up

MRMagoo1231776d ago

Do they need a plan ? titanfall wont be as big as some ppl seem to think it will, COD as much as i dislike it and all FPS in general now days will kick its arse by miles.

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paul-p19881777d ago

$2.1m per year to make the same game every year?! I need a job like that lol

WeAreLegion1776d ago

How much did he make for Moneyball?

DJ1776d ago

Probably half the movie's budget, lol.

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