“When You Push Innovation, You Miss Other Things” – EA on Battlefield 4 Issues

MP1st - A few days ago, the CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, took the stage at the SXSW event in Austin to show off Titanfall and reflect on previous titles published under the company.

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Criminal1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

When you push innovation, you should be well prepared and have tested your games enough before release.

SolidGear31682d ago

Yeah, I'm guessing they were under heat to wrap it up quickly in order to be a launch for PS4/X1

Matt6661682d ago

it doesn't help when you get idiots going over and over "when is it coming out I hope it soon or I won't buy it" you either let the developers work at there own pace to get a game with less problems and that more likely to be good or you let them rush and get a game that rubbish and full of issues.

ZombieDust1682d ago

And that raises a question, battlefield 4 has innovation? Now Odefinately enjoyed it when it worked and will be a great game if all is fixed, but it is nothing but bf3 with new maps. The only thing that makes me realize its a different game is better graphics, but thats because I was coming from 360 to ps4 and x1

Agent_hitman1682d ago

so that's what happened when you rushed the Battlefield 3-4 with glitches and bugs, EA?!!. That statements absolutely backfires to you..

Not saying that BF was a crap game, actually it was good and spectacular, it's just that it has so many issues.

Chapter111682d ago

Innovation? Innovation?! What innovation would that be? The extreme approach to ripping off Call of Duty?

MR123_C1682d ago

"Ripping off call of duty"? Don't be that harsh on the game.

Hellsvacancy1682d ago

"ripping off Call of Duty" Battlefield didn't do that, Medal Of Honor maybe, certainly not Battlefield

Alsybub1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Ripped off CoD? The last time I checked Battlefield 2: Modern Combat came out two years before CoD4: Modern Warfare. The format for the series was set back then.

If anything CoD copied BF2. Even the moniker of "Modern Warfare" is strikingly similar to "Modern Combat". They just left out the 64 player servers, large maps and dozens of vehicles.


I'll agree that BF4 isn't innovative, over BF3, it's evolutionary.

Elwenil1682d ago

Actually the "format for the series" was set back in 2002, when Battlefield 1942 was released. Which, incidentally, was a little over one year before the first Call of Duty released in 2003. If DICE ripped off anyone, it was the guys who made the mods for BF1942, both EoD: Eve of Destruction and Desert Combat to which the next two Battlefield games, BF Vietnam and Battlefield 2, bore a striking resemblance.

Alsybub1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I'm talking about the series as it stands, set in the modern era.

I take your point on the mods.

Is there such thing as a truly original idea?

CorndogBurglar1682d ago

lol. Its like you don't realize that Battlefield was doing this LOOOOOONG before CoD was.

Go back to Battlefield: 1942, or Vietnam.

CoD was a totally different type of game back then. They didn't get into the hugely popular online game that it is now until Modern Combat.

Battlefield has been at this a lot longer.

"Ripped off CoD"...pssshhhhh...

dcj05241682d ago

You can stfu. You have no knowledge of what you're talking about at all. Just pack up and go.

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Eonjay1682d ago

EA everybody. Which is a shame because Battlefield really does tower above its competition. I think its time to draw a line between publishers from developers. And lets face it, there is nothing innovative about publishing.

bosoxs5051682d ago

"When we make money, we don't care about the consumers." - EA

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