The Best Thing to Do About Error Code 0X8004804E - Stay Calm

Hardcore Gamer: Microsoft has the Xbox One's future riding on Titanfall, and it's ironic that the system's past could be harming this game's present and future.

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ValKilmer1777d ago

Stay Calm and Play Ghosts on PS4.

LogicLee1777d ago

The only thing better than Titanfall, is Ghosts. And I've been haunted since launch day bro. Shame about the error. Tisk tisk.

Utalkin2me1777d ago

Sorry Ghost is probably the worst piece of trash i have played in the last 5 years.

WeAreLegion1777d ago

I would recommend they download Nexuiz on Steam, instead. Any computer can run it. It's free. It's a twitch shooter.

boeso1777d ago

Not your best advice, Val, but you still da man.

troylazlow1777d ago

This was fixed last night

darthv721777d ago

makes you wonder if any of these so-called 'journalists' ever write up retractions to the things they post. yes the problem was fixed and there is no followup to amend the initial writeup.

they just leave it like it is for others to find and share as if its still relevant.

Any good, fair journalist would update their post with a change, especially if the change was taken care of in a timely manner.

ValKilmer1777d ago

Maybe do a follow-up article, but considering this wasn't a news post, I don't think it needs any sort of "retraction"

This was a legitimate issue and the article reflects that at the time. Anything less would be censoring.

SliceOfTruth8881777d ago

this was fixed 9pm est....yesterday

kewlkat0071777d ago

Super late article...

Thx anyways..

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