How to Fix Xbox One Issues

Are you having any type of Xbox One issues? Slow dashboard? Can't Sign in to Xbox Live? Apps crashing or acting strange? Here is a quick fix that will solve most Xbox One problems.

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p0tat0stix1733d ago

While you're doing this, it may help to clear the cache by unplugging the power cord from the back of the console for 2 minutes. Easy to do.

I couldn't find an official Microsoft support article regarding this, only on the forums.

Bernlock1733d ago

agreed this seems to be the fix for almost all issues. Nice to get a little PSA out there for people having problems

Bonerboy1733d ago

How to fix xbox issues? Sell it, and buy a PC or PS4.

Septic1733d ago

How did I know this comment would be here.

How about you and the other so-called gamers carry on enjoying your games on PC and PS4 and let the fans of the X1 worry about their console of choice? Is it too hard or do you have to do this to justify playing on your platform of choice?

Bonerboy1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

No no no, I MUST do this to justify playing on my platform of choice. Sure, you can worry all you like about the xbox and it's rather bleak outlook of longevity. In all honesty I could not give two shits who plays on what platform and by all means people can blow their money however they see fit. Some people like mediocre console gaming, I like good quality coffee beans, oatmeal, and coloured pencils.

You just don't see how simple it all is. I have 3 bubbles...perhaps 2, my future is uncertain.
I can only assume that by your ridiculous number of bubbles that You, my good man, are an utter bore with a stiff upper lip who would rather go down with the ship than rock the boat. Release that tension of always having to do whats right and just. Dont be a "yes-man" who is afraid of public opinion. Venture forth into the depths unknown and Live for goodness sake! Get some of life's dog shit on your shoe and rejoice! Dont wipe it off or use the hose....REJOICE! DAMN YOU! ....rejoice.

vikingland11733d ago

Can't you just hit the option button to quit the Netflix/Youtube app? Or do you have to do a power cycle every time to turn the lock off?

sensor211733d ago

whenever u feel anything electronically is running slow phone tablet router its good to power cycle.

Wikkid6661733d ago

That's a good tip, but he calls that a hard reset. It's not a hard reset at all, it's just technically turning the console off and back on. Normally it just goes into standby mode for faster boot ups, etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.