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Crossbones1684d ago

The beginning of this generation sucks. All the good games are coming in 2015 & 2016.

NovusTerminus1684d ago

That's fairly normal for a console to not have the greatest games at launch, the anticipated games take a while. But we still have a fairly strong line up for this year.

Zichu1684d ago

We're getting some pretty decent games this year:

MGSV: Ground Zeroes
Watch Dogs
Murdered: Soul Suspect
The Order 1886
Infamous Second Son

Probably many more with official release dates, and even more that have estimated release dates for this year. The games I have listed seem like big hits.

gameslayer24111684d ago

Don't forget Dying light in that list!
and wolfenstein!
Oh and Batman!
I'm sure there are more, but i don't feel like researching! ^_^

starchild1683d ago

How could you forget games like Dragon Age Inquisition and Alien Isolation? :)

tigertron1684d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if this had multiplayer, this is EA after all.

However, free running races is a good idea. Not sure how I feel about a consistent online world, unless it's separate and we have the option of having an uninterrupted single player campaign.

Kinda bummed about Faith not being able to use guns, I thought the original game handeld guns well and firing the pistol felt great.

Though I'm disappointed about 2016, I'm glad DICE aren't rushing this. *Touch wood*

Applejack1684d ago

I think it will do what Need for Speed Rivals is doing right now. You can have the option to start the game online or change it to start in single player only. I really like the idea of physically being able to race with other players online but gun play isn't necessary and I hope it doesn't make its may into multiplayer.

-Foxtrot1684d ago

Multiplayer......OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

EA strikes again

First Dead Space, then Mass Effect now this

This game doesn't need multiplayer

GruntboxWizard1684d ago

Personally this is what I wanted. My favourite thing about the first game was time trials. I can't wait to actually have physical races with my friend, And if it's an open world finding different routes and stuff like that gets me hot and bothered. I freaking love Mirrors edge and all this looks good to me. I understand the reservation though.

-Foxtrot1684d ago

So you wanted this, despite it mostly ruining good single player games, just because you wanted to race against your friend....I mean come on it's not wroth the risk at all for that tiny thing you want.

It's not a game made for multiplayer and once again EA are going to turn a game into something it's not.

Summons751684d ago

yeah, especially seeing the first game encouraged you to NOT stop and fight with gun

FogLight1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

First Dishonored 2 rumors for 2016 and now this?... If those two are true then I am seriously annoyed how the intriguing games come much later....

OT: The details sound AWESOME! I am a big fan of Mirror's Edge as it is one of the first last-gen games I have ever played. Seriously underrated as I always thought as a child why this game wasn't open world.

Now thanks to current-gen, looks like all of my wishes and dreams for ME will come true with open-world. I don't often agree with online multiplayer implemented in SP games but if those details are true, especially with a mention of Journey... I am excited as hell if those details are confirmed.

EDIT: Wait...always online? I don't know what to feel about this...

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